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Jilin: Any unit and individual shall not be issued earthquake warning information – Sohu news new culture news (reporter Zhao Chungang) 1, the Jilin earthquake and volcano monitoring management approach began to implement. Yesterday, the provincial government information office held a press conference, Sun Yaqiang, director of the Seismological Bureau of Jilin Province on the Jilin earthquake and volcanic monitoring management approach was interpreted. Sun Yaqiang said that the province in the Pacific plate to the Eurasian plate subduction zone, while the occurrence of shallow earthquakes, deep earthquakes and volcanic tectonic conditions. The history of several moderate earthquakes occurred in our province by the end of 2013, our province 5.8 earthquake swarm occurred in Qianguo earthquake disaster, Hunchun, Wangqing area is typical of deep earthquakes in mainland area of China, its seismic record has occurred more than and 10 times more than 6 deep earthquakes. The eastern part of the Changbai Mountain and Longgang Volcanic Group, including Changbai Mountain Tianchi volcano is the largest active volcano in mainland china. At present, a large number of observational data have been established in our province, which is composed of the observation stations, such as seismic, electromagnetic, topographic and subsurface fluid. In order to ensure the normal operation of the earthquake and volcano monitoring network, the "measures" on the basis of the upper law on further clarify the need to express the contents of earthquake and volcano monitoring network to suspend or terminate the application time and submit the application, standardize the operation and management of earthquake and volcano monitoring network. In addition, it also provides for the responsibility of the earthquake authorities to strengthen the quality management and public service of earthquake and volcano monitoring. No unit or individual shall publish earthquake warning information to the public. Up to now, the basic establishment of the provincial network based, provincial and county levels of the three network seismic monitoring network. The establishment of the 1 provincial earthquake and volcano monitoring network center and 9 City State Seismic Network Center, established 55 professional monitoring stations, monitoring equipment reached more than and 160 sets, and set up all over the province of monitoring and prevention network.相关的主题文章: