Jiangxi legislation to promote the construction of air pollution in the city intends to ban open-air-cagliari exchange

Jiangxi City air pollution remediation legislation built-up area to ban open-air barbecue – Beijing Beijing in November 11 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhankun) "Jiangxi Air Pollution Control Ordinance (Draft)" legislative hearings held in Nanchang 11, the bill to ban the built-up area outdoor barbecue food or provide a venue for outdoor barbecue food in city, become one of the hot topics will focus on the content of the hearing. The same day, from Jiangxi environmental protection departments, enterprises, production operators, experts and representatives of citizens attended the hearing, and hearing four contents of the revised draft of the Ordinance relates to the statement, then hearing statements around the content of the hearing to ask each other questions, cross examination and debate. Cao Yonglin, chief engineer of Jiangxi provincial Environmental Protection Bureau said, chose the city built-up area as the forbidden area, because the city built-up area refers to the city administrative area has developed into a piece of actual construction, municipal utilities and public facilities in the basic area. Such areas are relatively concentrated population, population density, in order to prevent air pollution caused by open-air barbecue damage to public health, in this area is necessary to ban. In this regard, the Nanchang Municipal People’s Congress, Castle Lake District Environmental Protection Bureau Zhang Zheng also expressed their approval. In his view, in addition to the city’s open-air barbecue barbecue environment, but also in the urban built-up areas caused by hybrid cars, a serious impact on pedestrian traffic and traffic flow, easy to cause serious security risks. Hou Weijie has been engaged in the barbecue industry for 6 years, is a barbecue operator in Nanchang District, East Lake. He is from the form of a small workshop to develop into 2 branches, the number of staff has nearly 30 people. Hou Weijie, who attended the hearing, said the barbecue provides entrepreneurial opportunities for entrepreneurs to solve the employment problem, but also stimulating the consumer groups, improve the national economy. As long as the standard use of smokeless barbecue, not only save fuel and no pollution. Whether in the city built-up area to prohibit open-air barbecue food, the Jiangxi Yuzhang lawyer Zhang Yue also said the opposition: people demand for barbecue, the more important is that many people make a living or business. If the scope of the restrictions in the urban built-up areas, I am afraid it is difficult to implement. "Open-air barbecue emissions of smoke, odor, noise is on air, traffic, the quality of people’s lives a lot of impact," Zhang Yue, further narrowing the limited scope, prohibited in the city, the residential areas on both sides of the primary and secondary roads and parks and other outdoor barbecue food; secondly, allowing the open-air barbecue area, should use smokeless barbecue the stove. The site also has hearing representatives said that if one type banned or banned, this will be the absence of government management functions. The open-air barbecue should regulate the market, establish some delicacy barbecue Plaza planning specific areas, and the provisions of open time; the establishment of market supervision mechanism, to achieve both can reduce the noise and reduce pollution, and can ensure the normal operation of barbecue practitioners, stimulate the market economic activity, also can let people experience the delicious barbecue food. (end)相关的主题文章: