Japanese financial situation the fluctuation of Japanese stock market is influenced by overseas fact-misao

On the financial phase: Japan stock market volatility by the overseas factors affecting the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, warrants real-time market data figure: Taro Aso [global network reporter Wang Huan reported    ] according to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on February 22nd, Japan’s minister of finance Taro Aso said on the 22 day the House budget committee meeting, the Tokyo stock market volatility is mainly affected by the overseas factors. He said: "I think the global economy, crude oil prices and the U.S. interest rate hike and other overseas factors, Japan has also fluctuated violently." At the same time, Asou pointed out, "the global risk aversion is spreading throughout the financial market". In addition, the Japanese administrative reform to play with Kawano Taro, the central ministries and autonomous verification of the implementation of the budget "administrative assessment" said the defense ministry will be the ammunition related contract as the object of verification. Kawano said it was preparing to discuss the bidding of only one bid for many bidding projects. In the defense phase, Gu Yuan explained: "because of the particularity of ammunition, there is no market price.". We made a database of the past contracts and purchased them at an appropriate price." The House Budget Committee launched a question on the 2016 annual budget. Editor in chief: Wang Yongsheng SF153 日财务相:日本股市波动系受海外因素影响 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 资料图:麻生太郎   【环球网报道 记者 王欢】据日本共同社2月22日报道,日本财务相麻生太郎在22日的众院预算委员会会议上表示,东京股市的波动主要是受海外因素影响。他表示:“我认为存在全球经济、原油价格和美国加息等各种海外因素,日本也因此剧烈波动。”   同时麻生指出,“全球性的避险风潮正在整个金融市场蔓延”。   另外,日本行政改革担当相河野太郎就中央省厅自主核查预算执行情况的“行政事业评估”表示,将以防卫省弹药相关合同作为核查对象。河野表示准备把很多竞标项目仅有一家商户竞标的情况作为主题展开讨论。防卫相中谷元面对质询时解释称:“由于弹药的特殊性,并无市场价格。我们把过去的合同制成数据库以适当价格进行采购。”   众院预算委员会对2016年度预算案展开了质询。 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章: