Japanese car sales in China or the first time exceeded 4 million-kasey chase

Japanese car sales in China or the first time to break 4 million Japanese car sales in China this year is expected to break through the first 4 million, a record high. According to the Japanese Economic News reported that Japanese car manufacturers in China’s new car sales in 2016 will be the first time to break 4 million mark, the data has been approaching the Japanese domestic market in 2016 is expected to be 4 million 840 thousand. Insiders said surging news, the Japanese car sales in China outbreak, with the Chinese government to implement the small car subsidy policy has a close relationship. Data show that the cumulative sales of Japan’s main 6 big enterprises this year 1-8 month to 2 million 650 thousand vehicles, an increase of 10%, the remaining 4 months of sales if only flat year on year, sales this year will be higher than the highest record of the previous year (3 million 900 thousand) by more than 200 thousand, a record high. According to the China Automotive Industry Association released data show that this year 1-7 passenger car sales statistics, the Japanese car sales growth of 13%, the highest increase. Department of the United States cars, German cars were 11%, while foreign brands car only Japanese car market share grew. Japanese cars have become the biggest winner of the national small displacement car subsidy policy." An industry source told reporters, "the Japanese car sales growth was due to the small car tax effect, but with the dividend policy of the release, this growth momentum is likely to slow down, even the sharp drop in sales." In September last year, the State Council said that in order to support the development of new energy and small displacement cars, the purchase of 1.6 liters and below the displacement of passenger cars by the implementation of the vehicle purchase tax preferential policies. The policy execution time is from October 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016. In Japan’s major car brands, Honda or the biggest beneficiaries. Honda’s main models, many belong to the scope of tax cuts. 1-8 months of this year, Honda cumulative sales of 750 thousand, a substantial increase of up to 23%, the growth rate is the largest of all Japanese cars. Another example of TOYOTA, 1-8 month cumulative sales in China grew 12% to 780 thousand units. The small car brand of the corolla (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) has made important contributions. According to the Chinese automobile industry association data show that the domestic market ranked Carola 1-7 month passenger car brand sales fifth, total sales of 180 thousand and 900 vehicles, the Japanese brand ranked first. Similar and Nissan, Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy brand ranked seventh, sales of 172 thousand and 500. And this year, Nissan’s August sales data also increased by 6% to 800 thousand. According to the association data, this year there are 10 joint venture brand sales growth rate of more than 10%. Among them, the Japanese joint venture brands TOYOTA, Honda, Nissan fierce, joint ventures in China all the growth rate of more than 10%, especially not to complete the annual sales target after 4 consecutive years of FAW TOYOTA since 2015 over the completion of the annual sales target, the first half of 2016 is still over six months to complete the sales target. Specifically, TOYOTA joint venture in China FAW TOYOTA and GAC TOYOTA (micro-blog) sales were 323200 and 219452, an increase of 18% and 11%, Honda joint venture in china.相关的主题文章: