Jacky Wu admitted for gallstone surgery wound live.-sweets parade

Jacky Wu admitted for gallstone surgery wound live show Jacky Wu live Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Jacky Wu [micro-blog]2 suddenly open live in the hospital, said he had finished the knife, gallstone patients hospitalized, yesterday just finished surgery, the gallbladder removed, restored well today. He said the day before yesterday recorded "variety big top", even makeup are not unloaded, went into operation, opened 4 hours tomorrow to go to work in Beijing. Jacky Wu said, they are too busy to ignore the gallbladder, bile duct blockage so lost place, the day before admission, surgery yesterday, is in good condition in the hospital now, live chat with friends, look good, he also asked the users do not think he is more handsome? Because they lost 4 kilograms, the current size of 71 kg, I am now like an eagle rebirth." In the hope to maintain weight, preparing for a concert, he also show ax wound fans, because of his previous video fell ill, let the fans worry over. The netizen asked Li Yanjing event, he said he would not drink, drink less, also take their own previous driving without a license event self deprecating, but he said that when not so strict. Someone asked him to eat Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce will now? He said, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce not eating it, "it was a mistake." ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: