It is your eyes to see the world with you in Yunnan’s first guide dog posts (Figure) – Beijing

It is your eyes to see the world with you in Yunnan’s first guide dog posts (Figure) – Beijing, it is called panghu, is a "handsome guy" Peng Bin class, panghu usually quietly waiting. File name: panghu varieties: Labrador Retriever gender: male weight: 32.5 kg birthday: March 4, 2014 training time: 1 and a half years: gentle, worth more than 20 yuan: smart reminder: if the road guide dogs, please do not ask for a four "– not feeding, not touch, do not call, to ask is the initiative to ask the owner if you need help. Remember the movie "Q" in the small dog that cute Labrador? It is an ordinary puppy, but after professional training, you can take the blind master to school, park, cross the road, on the steps…… Become the master’s eyes. Silent dedication and accompanied by the owner of the small Q, touched countless fans. It is also because of this movie, the dog gradually known. In China, the number of guide dogs are rare, Yunnan had more is not one. A month ago, a trip from Dalian to Kunming flight down a "special" passengers — a yellow labrador dog. It is called panghu, behind the blind father – it – Kunming city blind dumb school vocal music teacher Peng Bin. A year ago, because of blindness, the mobility of the teachers made an application to the Chinese guide dog training base in Dalian, the other soon to accept his request, let the panghu become trained with regularity Peng teacher assistant. Panghu arrival, let Yunnan have a first guide dog. It is understood panghu spring love, training a guide dog is not easy, cost about 15 to more than 20 yuan. Every year, the training base from Labrador, golden varieties selected excellent pedigree puppy, rigorous training. Every year, China guide dog training base in Dalian only about more than and 10 guide dogs to graduation. So far, the number of guide dogs national official posts are not many, so I want to apply for a very difficult. So, how is the panghu be clever and sensible and Peng Bin become attached? Last year, my family moved from the school is relatively close to the community, but usually go to work or not assured family, often waiting for them to pick up." Peng Bin said, because of visual impairment, life is not easy, they are like a dog. By the end of 2015, try holding the attitude, Peng Bin made an application to the Chinese guide dog training base in Dalian, did not expect a few months later, the other party has accepted his request, soon sent staff to visit Kunming. It is reported that, in our country, for the visually impaired dog is free, except from the dog base transportation and guide saddle appliance such as fees, do not charge any fees. Usually, after the applicant to submit an application, Chinese guide dog training base in Dalian will send staff to the applicant’s application conditions of strict examination, and is equipped with the appropriate guide dogs according to the applicant’s height and walking speed etc.. Moreover, training base requires the owner take care of dogs, every day in addition to feed on good food, but also.相关的主题文章: