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That driver deducted 12 points to receive 7 days of education or driver’s license will be suspended across the net news September 30th (reporter Xia Hoi Yu Qing) "driving out illegal scoring education and certification education implementation plan (Trial)" the promulgation, in accordance with the new requirements, in a scoring cycle was recorded over 12 drivers and above, must go to the traffic control department traffic in learning and education, through the examination of the driver’s license in order to reclaim. The new scheme is clear, the applicable object of Full Score education, that is, the motorists who have accumulated a score of 12 points and above in a scoring cycle. The applicable object of education certification, to hold large-scale passenger cars, tractors, city buses and medium-sized passenger cars, large trucks (hereinafter referred to as large and medium-sized passenger car driving license) a scoring cycle has yet to score, but the score reached 12 points, the other holds a driving license for traffic accidents resulting in death bear the same the above is not the responsibility of driver’s license was revoked, and the school bus driver. In terms of educational content and time, the new scheme has also been refined. Provincial Traffic Police Corps related personage introduces, in this new trial plan, the education form has put forward the way of combination of spot education and network education, all localities can also carry out experience education combined with reality. Previously, the provincial public security department traffic police general network traffic safety integrated service platform and "12123 mobile APP" also plan to introduce full score learning functions. But in the time of education, the new scheme made strict rules, requiring the driver out of education time is 7 days, the daily education time shall not be less than 4 hours, the scene in which education time of not less than 3 days; and large and medium-sized passenger car, bus drivers, and in a scoring cycle has more than two times to reach 12 points the cumulative score reached 24 points or more driving, on-site education time of not less than 5 days. The police said, the need to accept out of education and education certification of the driver, the traffic police department will be informed through the Internet, telephone, SMS, attendance, attendance, attendance will use the identity certificate, check the photos, check the fingerprint recognition and face recognition approach. In addition, the driver from the traffic police department notified the day of Full Score education and refused to attend education for no reason within 15 days. The traffic police department will notice its driving license discontinued. (channel network) >

明起驾驶人扣12分要接受7天教育 否则驾照将停用海峡网9月30日讯(海都记者 夏雨晴) 《机动车驾驶人违法记分满分教育和审验教育实施方案(试行)》明起施行,按照新要求,在一个记分周期内被记满12分及以上的驾驶人,必须到交管部门参加交通学习和教育,通过考试后才能领回驾驶证。新方案明确,满分教育的适用对象,即在一个记分周期内累积记分达到12分及以上的机动车驾驶人。而审验教育的适用对象,为持有大型客车、牵引车、城市公交车、中型客车、大型货车(以下简称大中型客货车)驾驶证一个记分周期内有记分,但计分尚未达到12分的,持有其他准驾车型驾驶证发生交通事故造成人员死亡承担同等以上责任未被吊销驾驶证的,以及校车驾驶人。而在教育内容、学时等方面,新方案也作了细化。省交警总队相关人士介绍,此次试行的新方案中,教育形式方面提出了现场教育和网络教育相结合的方式,各地还可结合实际开展体验教育。此前,省公安厅交警总队互联网交通安全综合服务平台以及“12123手机APP”还有计划引入满分学习功能。不过在教育时限上,新方案做了严格规定,要求驾驶人满分教育时间为7日,每日教育时间不得少于4小时,其中现场教育时间不得少于3日;而大中型客货车、校车驾驶人,以及在一个记分周期内有两次以上达到12分或者累积记分达到24分以上的驾驶人,现场教育时间不得少于5日。交警表示,对于需要接受满分教育和审验教育的驾驶人,交警部门将通过互联网、电话、短信等方式告知,考勤方面将采用签到、点名、身份证明、核对照片、核对指纹识别和人脸识别等方式进行。此外,驾驶人自交警部门通知参加满分教育之日起,15日内无故拒不参加教育的,交警部门将公告其驾驶证停用。(海峡网)>相关的主题文章: