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It is actually a big warm man? Han Geng – wife Sina entertainment news file September 14th movie "westward journey 3" in Beijing held a press conference today. Starring Han Geng [micro-blog] exposes this version of it is a big warm man, "the purple cloud is 100%, is to travel home." Director Jeffrey Lau [micro-blog] said that the "westward journey 3" is the final piece of the Westward Journey series. Han Geng and I, his wife – like this to "through time and space" as the theme of the conference, the film side exposed a final notice, but Thai dubbing collocation magic full screen. I played Han Geng the first appearance, and brought three magic weapons in the movie. The first is the audience is quite familiar with the moonlight, talked about the key items, Han Geng said in addition to the outside of the box through time and space, but also to make people disappear, he is more fun this magic weapon "if 14 people say something, you can use the". There is one important magic weapon is the magic weapon of the handbell Zixia, although the heroine Daisy played by Tang Yan [micro-blog] has not arrived, but she is also in the VCR expression of the "urgent mood good hope through time to live". Taking advantage of Tang Yan is not in, Han Geng broke the news that most of the beginning of the high cold are afraid to speak to him, until later began to slowly familiar with the beginning of. As a sequel to the classic IP "Westward Journey", Han Geng released this version of the Joker is a very clever and cunning role, but the other side is a big warm man and wife, the celestial is hundred percent good. He also admit it to yourself like, are all very sincere, very humorous, but he was with the cast is Tucao "run monkey I feel I am not myself." A repeat of the classic, Han Geng exposes the pressure is not small, "before I gave us a deep impression, sometimes inadvertently reference before the character, but the director will shout Mao, he encouraged me in their own way forward." The director is Han Geng love Tucao Hot pot in a number of senior weight almost collapse, "the Jade Emperor" Shawn Huang [micro-blog], "Avalokiteshvara Hu Jing" [micro-blog], "Zhang Chao," cow cow devil "Xiangxiang" Zhang Yao [micro-blog], "cow lady Xie Nan also attended the press Conference for the film site, when asked about the most hope" through time and space "to do what the cast have given different answers. Han Geng wants to travel to go to the cinema to see after the release, we see the movie expression, "Hope" westward journey 3 "can bring happiness to you." He said. Hu Jing expressed the hope that they can go through the future to see his son grow up handsome not handsome, daughter-in-law look like. Shawn Huang is on the scene is Tucao, director Jeffrey Lau is "China favorite Hot pot person" in the studio almost every meal Hot pot. Han Geng also said that this is not a small resistance to their diet, eat spicy boiled vegetables at noon, evening this contrast is the collapse Hot pot." Director Jeffrey Lau is on the scene to explain his "West complex", he exposes it is like thirty-nine year old Jeffrey Lau, no time to accompany my family. "Don’t stop with my wife, I would like it too late for regrets". And he.相关的主题文章: