Is Solar Energy Better Than Other Forms Of

News-and-Society According to Erik Lyses in a Renewable Energy World Magazine article in 2003, "The surface of the Earth receives an amount of solar energy equivalent to roughly 10,000 times the world energy demand." The world population has continually risen since 2003, but that fact hasn’t changed. Until the sun quits shining, it is a renewable source of energy that will always vastly exceed the energy demands of the world. Fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) are finite. They must be mined, dug, pumped, piped, cleaned and shipped, most for long distances. They create negative by-products through their conversion to energy; produce environmental hazards and greenhouse gases. Clean, solar energy produces no negative by-products. You can capture it on site, and move it directly from the sky into your home, and the oven that bakes your pie. Hydroelectricity, captured water energy, also has a price tag. We’ve created dams that have changed the natural flow of water, and therefore the natural order for fish. Dams also create a larger and larger potential for disaster when they age and fail. Once captured, solar energy is free. There is no downstream disaster waiting, nor an upstream battle to destroy the fish’s natural order and flow. Then, of course, there’s atomic energy. Not only does atomic energy require natural resources such as uranium, it has proven volatile and demonstrable unstable even in the most secure environs. And its proven capacity to maim and disfigure not only human life, but all life on Planet Earth can…and does…strike fear into the hearts and minds of most people. Solar energy’s been around since…well…forever. It’s getting easier and easier to harness its power. Best of all, solar energy is friendly, safe, and effective. Other renewable energy sources are, of course, also evolving. Another energy source considered renewable is biomass. Biomass energy .es from energy created when living or recently living organisms…garbage, wood, landfill gases and waste…are burned to produce energy. Ridding the earth of biomass creates a positive result when used for energy most of the time. Our use of wood, however, as an energy source, is best tempered. How many trees have been cut, chopped, burned…destroyed…to create energy? A major portion of our natural forests no longer exist because of our nearly insatiable need for energy. Our watersheds are diluted, and our air polluted to satisfy this need. Biomass energy is viewed as creating a balance by ridding the land of garbage. Biomass energy does however, create carbon dioxide when it’s burned. This CO2 is released in the air, just like fossil fuel energy, therefore creating the same pollution risk and environmental hazard. Solar energy dilutes nothing, pollutes nothing. One very promising renewable energy source reaching fruition quickly is wind power. Totally awesome…another of nature’s gifts…and being harnessed and used to a greater extent throughout the world. Wind power, however, has even more variability…and less dependability…than solar power. Another rising star in the renewable energy department is wave power. By capturing the energy from surface waves in the ocean, and using that power for electrical generation and water desalination, wave power is expected to provide very useful benefit, although it is still mostly in technological infancy. Power that is extracted from heat stored in the earth, called geothermal power, is another renewable energy source with promise. There are geothermal power plants worldwide, most of them sitting where high temperature geothermal sources are close to the surface…on the edges of the world tectonic plates. Geothermal power is definitely a resource not to be overlooked, but expanded. However, it also requires substantial development cost, and can, depending on how it is operated, create greenhouse gases, although certainly less per energy unit than fossil fuels. So solar energy once again .es out the clear winner. Solar energy, had it been researched, developed, and fully utilized in the same way fossil fuel energy was in the time frame to date, we would now, without question, be living in a much friendlier place. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that all is lost. Every day…somewhere…the sun shines on. It continues to wait for us…waiting to befriend and care for us…in a way no other energy source can. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: