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By now you have probably heard of all of the success stories from entrepreneurs online. You have heard all of the rumors that you can get rich online overnight. The real question you have to ask is whether or not it truly is possible to get rich quick online. It is a bit tricky answering this question because it depends on your definition of quick. If you are expecting to make thousands of dollars in your first week, it is not going to happen. While there are some legitimate programs that can make you a lot of money, it still takes time. Even programs like Abunza that can earn you up to $997 on one sell take time. You have to realize that it costs that much just to become a member. This means that even after your first sell you will have only paid off your membership fee. The reason it is impossible to get rich quick is because there simply is too much to do. To start with, you have to build a reputable web site that is worth coming to. This involves creating fresh and enticing content, building a visually appealing web site, and filling it with interactive items like video and audio. In the meantime, you want to begin promoting your business immediately. The only way you are going to make money online is by generating a steady traffic flow. If you have no traffic, it is kind of difficult to create any income. Something many internet marketing newbie’s do not understand is the fact that not all traffic is good traffic. There is such thing as wasted traffic, which includes people who have no interest in your site. It can be quite time consuming trying to find your target market and getting them to come visit your site. The next thing you have to worry about is responding to any questions people may have regarding your services or products. The longer it takes you to respond to an e-mail or question, the better chance you have of the customer leaving your site for someone else’s. That brings us to the last point, which is that there are thousands of other sites just like yours. Therefore, you have to figure out a way to make your business stand out from the hundreds of others so you appeal to your target market. If you think you can accomplish all this and more overnight, all the more power to you. But for those of you who are more of a realist, this is precisely why you cannot get rich quick online. Copyright (c) 2008 John Schnieder About the Author: The problem with marketing online is knowing how to do it. I’ve been involved with many many online business and all they say is go promote your business but they don’t tell you how. I was a newbie at the time and didn’t have a clue how. I didn’t make a dime. With the IPC program they teach you exactly how to work your business. The training is top hat. I am finally making a lot of money online. Check it out Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Inter.-and-Business-Online 相关的主题文章: