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UnCategorized There is money in alternative energy and big corporations are discovering this fact. Not only are existing .panies securing their position, new .panies that specialize in this new energy source are increasing also. Is there really money to be made or is this the new Eldorado? Many believe that this new form of converting ‘free’ energy has real potential. Let’s look at the most important reasons why. The energy sources we use today have negative side effects. They cause lots of pollution. The pollution causes acid rain and the earth warm up. Besides these side effects the current reserves are diminishing. The crude oil reserves will last for the next 45 years to .e and gas maybe 60 years. The only traditional fuels source that is still in ‘abundance’ is coal. The coal supply will last for the next 300 years. Thus, for everything that runs on a form of crude oil or natural gas we will have to find a good replacement. Many of us think alternative energy is the answer. Why is alternative energy the answer for our energy problems? There are several reasons why. First it is a clean form of energy that doesn’t cause any harmful effects to the environment. We are realizing that this beautiful planet we live and breathe on needs to cherished. Not only for us but more important for our children. Thus we need to live our lives in a way that is not harmful for our planet. We are doing it right now and need to change that. Alternative energy can be the answer. Second, these ‘new’ energy sources are available for nearly every one and they are ‘free’. Energy sources like the wind, sunshine and water are for every body and are free to use. We need technology to convert these sources in to useful energy needed for our appliances and transportation. These technologies .e with a price tag and one can argue if these investments are worth it. If you feel that the investments are worth it or not, the technology is available. For the individual and for .panies there are amazing technologies on the market. .panies that specialize in these energy sources are improving and .ing up with new concepts that are better than ever before. .panies that are developing these technologies are investing in their and our future and can be.e the next ‘oil barons’. They are not only securing a clean planet, but are also making money. History has taught us that technology is the key for success in the western modern world we live in. These .panies that develop these new technologies can sell their knowledge through appliances and services they offer. Consumers and other needing .panies are willing to pay for this. You can ask yourself if it is wrong that these .panies are making money on something that is ‘free’ for all. When you really think of it, it really is nothing more than what is happening today all around us. It is just plain and simple economy, some one offers a product and another person buys that in exchange for money. Of course the price must be right. When it .es to making use of alternative energy we need technology to convert the ‘free’ energy sources into forms that we can use. This technology can be expensive, but you will be saving money also. Because many governments are endorsing it, you may profit from tax credits as well or other benefits. Thus, for the right price the investment can be beneficial for all parties. The hunt for new alternative energy sources is not a hunt for a non-existing golden happy dream. The conversion of alternative energy sources into usable energy is happening today and will be better tomorrow. It is real and here to stay, for a long time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: