Iphone8 concept machine exposure all over the screen! tataufo

IPhone8 concept machine exposure: all over the screen! Although iPhone7 has just been published recently, there have been a lot of rumors about iPhone8. According to the latest news, SHARP executives have confirmed that next year’s iPhone8 will use curved OLED display, which means that iPhone8 screen share will be further improved. And now from designer VeniaminGeskin will announce their own concept of a iPhone8 design in advance, full of design, iPhone8 whole fuselage front is covered by the screen, so that the real "borderless" display. In fact, there are many companies trying to design style without borders, the original SHARP AquosCrystal only at the bottom of the screen "Chin", recently, millet also released a MiMIX concept model, even the "Chin" the parts have been removed, screen accounting for up to 92%. And next year’s iPhone8 is also likely to adopt this design style. From the conceptual design of VeniaminGeskin, if you really use borderless design, then many sensors will be integrated into the lower part of the screen, such as TouchID, users only need to put your finger on the screen, you can complete the authentication. Although it sounds like science fiction movies, this technology has already appeared on the market, such as Synaptics’s ClearForce is such a principle. In view of the fact that Apple has adopted the design of virtual Home keys on iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus, it is likely to further promote the development of this technology until it is integrated into the screen. In concept design, the concept iPhone8 basically has no borders, whether it is up or down, but at present, iPhone8 really want to achieve this effect, the difficulty is relatively large, so we just see the concept of design has been enjoyable. But this full screen borderless design, in daily use is convenient, we also want to draw a question mark in the heart? What about front camera and loudspeaker? Will the screen be full of fingerprints? When operating, finger will not block the screen or wrong operation? These are issues that need to be considered. Focus on the big Chu net official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting, useful information, as well as good manners send every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.