IPhone 6 screen failure Apple Corp class action lawsuit in the United States misao

IPhone 6 screen failure of Apple Corp in the United States was a class action iPhone 6 at the top of the screen "grey" Sina mobile phone news on October 10th morning news, because iPhone 6 and 6 Plus touch screen failure, the Apple Corp was the collective action in the United states. This problem has been exposed by the media before. In August this year, part of the iPhone  6 and 6  Plus users complained that the top of the screen appears on the top of the top of the gray screen, at this time, the phone screen will touch the situation does not respond to the situation of the two. There is no perfect solution to this problem, but the screen can temporarily improve the situation. Foreign users call it Touch Disease (touch disease), some foreign websites said that this may be the phone’s motherboard on the screen touch control chip LED, not the screen component problem. Currently, Apple Corp has not yet issued a response to the matter. If the above is true, that is the design defects. Recently, Apple Corp in California, Utah and the United States received two class action cases are related to the matter, it is said that a lawyer contacted the plaintiff has exceeded the number of ten thousand. Prior to ascertain the cause of the problem, the Apple Corp requested the local court to prolong the responding time. In the past, Apple Corp has also been recalled due to product design defects, so the problem has been paid for the maintenance or replacement of users, Apple will usually refund the user after the official recall. (Xiao Guang)  相关的主题文章: