Interview with the British police party was mistaken for birthday stripper

Interview with the British police party was mistaken for birthday stripper original title: embarrassment: British police interview with the mistaken party birthday stripper data figure: British real community service of police uniforms. In February 3, according to British media reports, recently, a British police patrol at night, accidentally broke into a lively birthday party. Unfortunately, he was so embarrassed by the noisy ladies in the party that they were looking for strippers. Reported that the embarrassing Oolong incident occurred in Wiltshire local time on January 30th evening. The community policeman, Mike, was on patrol when he saw the door of a party being open and went to see it. Unexpectedly, at the moment he appeared, he was immediately welcomed by the ladies in the house. They think Oubo is home to the party she congratulated the stripper, also surprised he arrived early. Later, O’Brien said that when he approached the house, found around and no car, and so on the weekend organized social activities are not common, so he decided to look at. But when he appeared at the door, someone asked him, "are you the stripper?"" He was too early, and the activity was about to begin, and asked him to leave first. And just on his way out, he just passed by a real stripper. Ou Bo finally quipped, he felt strippers uniforms but not really good-looking uniforms. Editor in chief: SN226

英国警察夜访派对 被误认为庆生脱衣舞男   原标题:尴尬:英国警察夜访派对 被误认为庆生脱衣舞男    资料图:英国真正的社区服务警察警服。   中新网2月3日电 据英国媒体报道,近日,英国一名警察在夜晚巡逻时,碰巧闯进了一个热闹的庆生派对。但不巧的是,他就这样被派对中正喧闹的女士们误以为是她们找来的脱衣舞男,搞得场面相当尴尬。   报道称,这起尴尬的乌龙事件发生在当地时间1月30日晚间的威尔特郡。这位名叫麦克?欧博的社区警察正在徒步巡逻时,因为看见一间正在举行派对的屋子大门敞开,于是前往查看。   不料,在他一现身的瞬间,立刻受到了屋内女士们的疯狂欢迎。她们以为欧博是上门要为当天派对的寿星祝贺的脱衣舞男,还惊讶他提早到达。   事后,欧博表示,当他走近屋子时,发现周遭并没有车子,而这样在周末举办的社交活动也不常见,于是他决定靠近看看。只是没想到,当他现身在门口时,就有人问他说:“你就是那位脱衣舞者吗?”还说他来得太早了,活动正要开始,请他先离开。   而就在他离开的路上,正好就与真正的脱衣舞者擦身而过。欧博最后还打趣道,他觉得脱衣舞者的制服其实并没有真的警服好看。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: