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Industry self-discipline for market escort   Zhejiang three crabs line under the flying   before and after – Zhejiang Channel – National Day Zhejiang year three crabs sales season, along with the expansion of the Internet, WeChat and other sales channels, autumn three crabs realize the line under qifei. The day before the introduction of the "three crabs sales network standard" good market for escort. In October 8th, the reporter went to the three crabs wholesale trading center, I saw the booth before the People are hurrying to and fro. one of the busy scene. At booth A-040, Li Qianhua is preparing for delivery. "These days, crab sales at about 200 kg, is 4 times the usual." Li Qianhua happily told reporters that due to crab picking and packaging, in accordance with the norms of excellent quality, attracting a large number of repeat customers. In addition to business entities stalls, Li Qianhua and his wife jointly operated by Taobao store "crab will peel", is the first batch of three crabs sales in Taobao’s seller, last year sales of 1 million 600 thousand yuan, about 2400000 Yuan last year, this year is expected to reach 4 million yuan, "the two month sales volume has reached about 2000000 yuan." The Li Qianhua couple way of sales, reflects the three Scylla overall sales growth path. "We are supplying Hangzhou, Ningbo crab and Wenzhou hotel. Under the condition of constant price, the reduction of intermediate links can effectively improve the benefit of farmers and operators." Chairman of the three county Crab Industry Association Ding Mingbiao introduced. In the morning, Ding Mingbiao was busy organizing the personnel sent to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, crab etc.. He told reporters that the Internet is becoming one of the main battlefield of the three Scylla sales. In 2015, three crabs breeding area of 95 thousand acres, yield more than 1 tons, the output value of 600 million yuan, crab production accounted for 1/9 of the country. At present, three in the crab industry’s net sales of Taobao "sellers" and "derivative" has nearly 300 people. During the national day, only the crab wholesale trading center average daily sales reached 150 thousand kg, this crab output is expected to exceed 700 million yuan, 100 million yuan more than last year. With the Internet and agricultural products continue to converge, Sanmen crab electricity industry usher in development opportunities of the hitherto unknown. The day before, by the three county crab industry associations to develop the "three crabs sales network standard" officially released. This specification covers 9 categories, applicable to three fresh crab sales network, a multi dimension contains crab origin, specifications, packing, packaging, transportation and storage, security etc.. "It not only guide the local enterprises strict product quality, good quality control and customer service service, also teach consumers how to distinguish the quality of fat and crab." Ding Mingbiao said in the past, because there is no crab sales network in binding in the standard, in order to give in the network of sales in the "price", will be in the weight of the rope on the hands and feet, easy to fall into the "price war", is not conducive to market development, the industry self-discipline, mutual supervision, violation the deposit will be forfeited. (Ren Ping) (commissioning editor Guo Yang and Weng Dikai) 行业自律公约为市场护航 浙江三门青蟹线上线下齐飞 –浙江频道–人民网 每年国庆节前后是浙江三门青蟹销售旺季,随着互联网、微信等销售渠道的拓展,金秋三门青蟹实现了线上线下齐飞。而日前出台的《三门青蟹网络销售规范》很好地为市场护航。 10月8日,记者来到三门青蟹批发交易中心,只见各摊位前人来人往,一派忙碌景象。在A-040号摊位,摊主李欠华正在打单准备发货。“这几天,青蟹销售都在200公斤左右,是平时的4倍。”李欠华高兴地告诉记者,由于按照规范对青蟹进行挑选和包装,品质过硬,吸引了大批回头客。 除了经营实体摊位外,李欠华和妻子共同经营的淘宝店铺“蟹必剥”,是最早一批在淘宝上销售三门青蟹的卖家,前年销售额是160万元,去年240多万元,今年预计可达400万元,“这两个月的销售额就已经达到了200多万元。” 李欠华夫妇的销售之路,折射了三门青蟹整体销售成长之路。 “我们的青蟹直供杭州、宁波、温州等大酒店。在价格不变的情况下,中间环节的减少,可以有效提高养殖户和经营户的效益。”三门县青蟹行业协会会长丁明标介绍。 当日上午,丁明标又忙着组织人员向杭州、宁波、温州等地发送青蟹。他告诉记者,互联网正逐渐成为三门青蟹销售的主战场之一。2015年,三门青蟹养殖面积达9.5万亩,产量1万余吨,产值达6亿元,青蟹产量占全国的九分之一。目前,三门从事青蟹网销行业的“淘宝卖家”和“微商”已近300人。国庆期间,仅青蟹批发交易中心的日均销量即达15万公斤,今年青蟹产值有望突破7亿元,比去年增加1亿元。 随着互联网与农产品的不断融合,三门青蟹电商产业迎来前所未有的发展机遇。日前,由三门县青蟹行业协会制定的《三门青蟹网络销售规范》正式发布。该规范涵盖9大类,适用于三门鲜活青蟹网络销售,包含青蟹的产地、规格、捆扎物、包装、防伪、运输及存储等多个维度。 “它不仅引导当地企业严把产品质量关,做好品控和售后服务,还教会消费者如何辨别青蟹的好坏和肥瘦。”丁明标说,过去由于没有规定在网络销售中青蟹捆绑的标准,网商们为了在网络销售中“压价”,就会在捆绳的重量上“动手脚”,容易陷入“价格战”,不利于市场发展,有了行业自律公约后,大家互相监督,一旦违反,将被没收押金。(任平) (责编:郭扬、翁迪凯)相关的主题文章: