In the case of Xu Yuyu has no ghost to conduct a thorough

In the case of Xu Yuyu has no "ghost" to conduct a thorough investigation of the tragedy with Xu Yuyu cheated exposure and a few criminals were arrested, public opinion was surprised to "telecommunications fraud can actually be broken, one hand still cannot on its own secure information security. One obviously is the fact that, as long as the citizens of the information is still in a state of insecurity almost "streaking", it is difficult to prevent "precision fraud" may still prevail. The Xu Yuyu case is new information disclosure, the public still don’t know the exact information of several criminals how to get Xu Yuyu. Recently, there are media reports, a SF express company employees in Shenzhen Nanshan District people’s court trial, accused of infringement of citizens’ personal information crime, the company system account password to sell to others, resulting in a large number of personal information leakage. Media disclosure, similar to the case of information leakage within the courier company is not isolated cases, but with a certain degree of typicality and universality. Courier company business or technical personnel, the use of their own rights and loopholes in the management of the company, a large number of theft, sale of customer information and profit from. In this case the disclosure, part of the answer to the question that some of the public, citizen information organization, there may be a "ghost", the citizen information through illegal channels of collusion, to the hands of fraudsters. The theft of citizen information to seek a small profit, but it may be the amplification of fraud fraud, to the great loss of property safety of citizens. In fact, even if there is no evidence of these cases, only logical reasoning can also be derived from the information leakage channels. First, today’s "fraud market", the traditional way of flood irrigation, extensive cultivation in the past, has been highly targeted "accurate fraud" is replaced. Behind this transformation and upgrading, is bound to grasp the precise grasp of the information of criminals. At the same time, even accurate fraud, its success rate will not be too high, fraudsters need to grasp the precise information of the masses in order to meet the needs of its fraud. Therefore, the demand for information fraud criminals, there will be a lot of supply channels, and the source of this batch of supply, must come from a large number of institutions to master the information of citizens. There are no more than two kinds of organizations that can concentrate on the control of citizen information. The first one is the public authority, which is based on the public service, such as the household registration organ, the administrative organ of the civil affairs or the administrative organ of the vehicle. For the dual needs of management and services, such a public authority to have access to information on the power of citizens. Another focus on the organization of civil information institutions, such as electricity providers, intermediaries, courier and other commercial institutions. Although such institutions do not have the power to force citizens to obtain information, but in order to obtain the necessary services and business security, citizens often have to hand over their information to these institutions. In theory, these two types of organizations have the obligation and ability to protect citizen information. But they have such a huge amount of citizen information, fraudsters in the eyes of a huge potential "gold mine", be about to break and then quickly. If there is collusion ghost, or from external attack hackers, these institutions of protective wall may be compromised, citizen information may have been stolen. The disclosure of the case occurred in the SF company has.相关的主题文章: