In Shenzhen to open the network about the driver must have a residence permit or residence permit

In Shenzhen to open the network about the driver must have a residence permit or residence permit after a lapse of two months, Shenzhen’s network of local rules about the car finally opened the veil". The reporter from the Shenzhen Municipal Communications Commission issued the "Shenzhen city network booking taxi management service management Interim Measures (Draft)" was informed that the car driver has requested net about Shenzhen city residence or hold a valid "residence permit" the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen clear network about cars vehicles must be in the city of Shenzhen the registration of registered vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm or more, the displacement of 1950 ml or more, or more than 1750 ml displacement and engine power of 110 kilowatts or more within two years of the car. In accordance with the new regulations, Shenzhen network about cars and taxi cruises will implement differential operation, "the draft" of Shenzhen network about cars, to be registered as a Shenzhen registered more than 5 seats 7 seats the following passenger vehicle driving license; the date stated in the initial registration to apply for under two years; fuel vehicle wheelbase more than 2700 mm, the displacement of 1950 ml or more, to achieve pollutant emission standards of motor vehicles in Shenzhen City, or the vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm or more, the displacement of 1750 ml or more and the engine power more than 110 kilowatts, reaching Shenzhen City motor vehicle emission standards; pure electric vehicle wheelbase 2650 mm, mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 250 km above; plug-in (including by program) hybrid vehicle wheelbase of 2650 mm or more, pure electric drive under the condition of more than 50 km mileage by public vehicle; Operating passenger vehicle safety and technical inspection security organs; installed in accordance with the state of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City technical standard, with the vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device; shall not violate the provisions of installation of lamps, lamp parade no-load taxi service special facilities and equipment. Reporters learned that the draft proposed fuel vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm or more of the standard, which means that in the future engaged in the network about the vehicle operation of the vehicle must be B class mid-range sedan. It is understood that the car level is from a Volkswagen car classification method, the classification mainly based on wheelbase, displacement, weight and other parameters, will be classified as A-class models (including A0, A00, B) small car mid-range cars, C high-grade car, D luxury car. After the order of the alphabet, the level of the wheelbase of the car longer, the greater the displacement and weight, the degree of luxury car is also increasing. Shenzhen Municipal Communications Commission, said, in accordance with the state on the network about the high quality of service vehicles, the principle of differentiated positioning, clear Shenzhen network about the vehicle’s technical conditions should be higher than the current technical conditions of the vehicle parade. In addition, as a special economic zone and the reform and opening up the window, net about car models with Shenzhen international city image match, ensure the comfort and safety of passengers at the same time, the reference vehicle access conditions Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other domestic city setting.相关的主题文章: