In order to discourage police drunk driving in Dongying staged a strip show the woman in the street-borderland

In order to discourage police drunk driving the woman in the street of Dongying staged a strip show a public occasion, the woman in the street and to the upper part of the body in nature’s garb, also noisy, whether it is for what? In November 2nd 10 pm, Dongying City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment in the north of Dongying high-speed toll station organization night search and stopped a woman driving a white car. One is to check drunk driving, the woman and her car on the spot! Then, the woman first took off his jacket, then to the police who threw Qinmin value…… Police told reporters, from the woman’s performance at the scene, it should belong to the state of intoxication, the purpose is to escape the law of their drunken driving behavior punishment. Finally, according to the law, the police will be taken to the hospital for blood alcohol content test. Test results show that the woman’s blood alcohol per 100 ml of 189.5 mg, belong to drunk driving. The woman, who had been in a state of fainting after taking the blood samples from the hospital, confirmed by the doctor that her ECG and blood pressure were normal. Currently the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: