In August, the director was surprised by the best chewing gum at the time e3300

"August" won the best director surprised: at that time, chewing gum Sina entertainment news on November 26th, the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Awards ceremony held in Taipei, directed by Zhang Dalei’s "August" won the best film award. Zhang Dalei did not expect this call, "I was still chewing gum." The producer is Zhang Dalei’s father, said he was very happy "August" left Inner Mongolia film factory old appearance: "I am Inner Mongolia film factory editor, after the restructuring of our factory into the Inner Mongolia film group, our factory re expansion of the old factory, to remove the child, see this feel can’t beat the. We invest their own money, put the whole factory to take. Earlier this summer, all the old factories were removed." Zhang Dalei said, his new work will start on the next winter, the script has been created in late 80s or early 90s, the town of story, "a fictional town, some places like Chinese in some places like russia". Before the small hole has won the best actor Wei new actor, only 10 years old, he said the best new actor upright, more exciting. The host asked, "do you think the best film is directed by Uncle?" He nodded his head in agreement. (the Beijing summer Qi photography) (commissioning editor: Rolls Royce)相关的主题文章: