In 2050 the global population will reach 9 billion 900 million in China or a decrease of 34 million

The global population will reach 9 billion 900 million in 2050 China or 34 million reduction in the overall planning of Shanghai city released to strictly control the size of the resident population reference news network August 31st foreign media reported that the latest data showed the U.S. population forecasting agency, to the global population will reach 9 billion 900 million in 2050, and now the number 7 billion 400 million of the population increased by 33% compared. According to the Latin American news agency reported on August 29th, population data agency, Jeffrey · Jordan said that although the global fertility rate decreased, but the projected population growth will continue, and strong enough to the global population will grow to 10 billion in 2053. Reported that the population of 42 countries will be reduced, these countries are mainly located in Asia, Latin America and europe. Romania’s population will fall from 20 million to 14 million. China’s population will be reduced by 34 million. In addition, Germany, Russia and Spain, the population will be reduced by 9 million 600 thousand, respectively, 7 million 900 thousand and 3 million 500 thousand. However, in Africa, Niger and other countries with the highest birth rate will be more than 3 times the population. Reported that the world’s 10 countries with the highest fertility rates are located in sub Saharan Africa, where the average fertility rate for each woman has 6 children. In Europe, the average fertility rate of 1.6 children per woman, while the United States is a total of 1.8 children. The population of the United States will reach 398 million in the next 40 years, more than the current population of more than 23%. Reported that Latin America’s population will grow by only 223 million, the Asian population will grow by nearly 900 million, while Oceania, including Australia and New Zealand, the population will grow from 40 million to 66 million. (compile Su Jiawei)相关的主题文章: