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I heard this article points to open the bottom of people have long legs and long legs, Qiaotun, lead: Vest line, they say these are the goddess? (source: ETUDE fashion network) summer feel hot winter feel cold can always find their own reasons for not exercising! However, weight loss or fitness is a matter of long-term need to adhere to ah! The people you want to get to the gym all day long bubble good figure, you want to just two days out of the effect that you wake up! You do not have the opportunity to become the goddess of practice will become Qiaotun leg long do you know? No matter what I’m going to do, you’re lazy. Don’t squat, no Qiaotun Qiaotun exercise a variety of methods, which is more simple and quick? "Don’t squat, no Qiaotun", believe that a lot of buddy have heard, but the real squat, in fact not so simple. Squatting is not good, not have bottom, it will lead to thick thighs, joint pain. What is squat squat is a composite, systemic action. 1 body stand straight, feet shoulder width; there are 2 chairs with imagination behind the buttocks down, slowly squat; the buttocks sitting back, knees, trunk sink, squat down to the thigh parallel to the ground, the angle between 30 degrees left stone, and pause 3 – 4 seconds. 3 speed (1 – 2 seconds) to stand up, do not use the inertia of the body; 4 erect, tighten the buttocks muscles. Squat note 1, squat warm up, mainly the muscles and other tissues of the knee. 2, squat, knees do not sway around, do not exceed toes. 3, do not squat too fast, squat too low. Should squat to the thigh parallel to the ground or slightly lower position. Otherwise easy to cause knee ankle joint injury. 4, feet toes slightly outreach, so that the stock of the four muscles in order to better contraction. 5, whether it is squat or stand up, to ensure to the knee and toes the same. 6, do squat heavy, do not blindly increase the weight or waist, knee joints may be damaged. 7, the bow and the back of the back of the practice of squat when the wrong, do action must look up front. 8, the rest of the group, more walking, to avoid the accumulation of blood in the lower extremities. 9, don’t hold your breath, pay attention to breathing way, to take a deep breath. The following is a set of training Qiaotun Qiaotun stovepipe action, quickly collection! Each time to do 3~5 group, each action 8~15 times, rest between groups 1~2 minutes, depending on the specific physical strength.  相关的主题文章: