Hulan District, Harbin, 15 government employees recruitment

Hulan District, Harbin recruitment of 15 government employees to recruit employees and job plans to recruit 15 employees. Work for the tax service hall window. Recruitment conditions 1 support the party’s line, principles and policies, abide by the state laws and regulations; 2 good moral quality; 3 healthy, can be competent for the job; 4 Harbin household registration hukou. 5 the age is below the age of 33 (born after October 10, 1983); the national unified enrollment full-time college degree or above in 6. The staff can not apply for 1 has been subjected to criminal punishment or was expelled from office staff; 2 in all organs, institutions recruitment examination has been identified as cheating or apply for credit record and is under the treatment of staff; 3 civil servants and institutions of staff were dismissed; 4 servicemen wages; wages by the district people club Department issued on a monthly basis. Should pay 2380 yuan, pay five insurance in accordance with the standard of public welfare position (pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance), five insurance to pay part of the individual wages should be included in the inside. The open recruitment recruitment procedures in accordance with the recruitment notice, registration and qualification examination, written examination, interview, physical examination, political, publicity, recruitment procedure. Recruitment notice website recruitment announcement in Harbin District of Hulan city government website, recruitment notice website address: Harbin city Hulan District People’s government, how to apply the open recruitment to take on-site registration way, registration time is 5 days, October 2016 10-14, 9:00-11:00 daily, 13:30 16:00. Registration location: Harbin City District IRS IRS on the first floor of the hall. The applicant must fill in (A4 paper paper material): "Harbin city Hulan district government employee recruitment registration form" in two copies (download print); and with the two generation ID card, residence booklet, graduation certificate, degree certificate and a copy of the original two copies; the relevant materials and a copy of the original two can prove my ability level; the most recent version of the 4 2 inch color photo. Recruitment and enrollment ratio of less than 1:3 ratio, proper registration time extended. Contact phone: 0451-57380107 – qualification examination and confirmation by entering a written list of personnel, the specific arrangements for the written examination time and place a notice. In the written examination written examination content for "the administration occupation ability test", a piece of paper, out of 100 points, written examination time for 90 minutes. The written examination results from high to low order, according to the number of job plans to determine the proportion of 1:3 to enter the interview candidates. In the interview by structured interview way, interview score out of 100 points, interview scores less than 60 points were not employed. Before the interview, such as a waiver, were extended by according to the written test results, on the day of the interview waiver, not postponed.相关的主题文章: