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Huizhou investment 30 billion remediation Creek wetland wastewater treatment — Guangdong Jian Qiao channel — original title: Huizhou investment 30 billion to build sewage treatment effluent by wetland "! This is the "small garden" just built in the village. It makes the pond clear in the village, and the sewage is no longer seen. In the village of orange dragon in Yuanzhou Town, Boluo County, Huizhou, the villagers said happily. This "small garden", in fact, is a small, dispersed and composite artificial wetland built in the village. 515 in Huizhou have been built in similar rural sewage treatment facilities. Recently, the first meeting of the provincial environmental protection work conference and the Pearl River Delta regional water pollution prevention and control cooperation group was held. Huizhou made an exchange speech at the conference, and the experience and practice, especially the water control work, was well received. In recent years, Huizhou regards water control as an important part of the construction of ecological civilization. It has achieved remarkable results in the following aspects: rule by law, system governance, comprehensive governance and source governance. Huizhou municipal Party committee secretary Chen Yiwei said, "clean water", can lead to "fish" and "fish"; ecological good, can bring more innovative projects, good projects, ecological inexhaustiblepower provides protection for economic development. The "3 10 billion" system governance allows "smelly ditch" to transform into the water ecological corridor, which is just like a place vascular artery. River governance is the key to activate a local ecological environment. Huizhou invested 3 yuan, 10 billion "system to promote River remediation work, put a river into integration of the characteristics of culture of landscape water ecological corridor. Huizhou invested 1 billion yuan, which lasted 10 months, completed jinshanhe remediation 10 kilometers, the original "gutter" into a river smooth, clear water, shore green, roads, pleasant, scenic ecological corridor, directly benefit residents on both sides of the about 100000. The project has also been awarded the "China Habitat Environment Model Award" by the Ministry of construction. Huizhou jinshanhe is the implementation of the comprehensive improvement of the urban river water environment planning, the first to start remediation of the creek. – in recent years, Huizhou invested 10 billion renovation in 14 rivers, water conservancy, except water, making water, highlight the comprehensive measures and the source of pollution, and strive to 2017 basically completed the rectification task. At present, the mountains and the young river remediation tasks have been completed, Wangjiang Lek, Luo Tang canal, and many rivers Xinkaihe remediation work to advance in wildly beating gongs and drums…… — to invest 10 billion yuan to promote the fresh water river, Tonghu basin "rivers" pollution remediation, continue to increase for the construction and operation of sewage treatment facilities along the "two rivers" efforts, water quality improved significantly, the benefit of the people…… – invested 10 billion yuan renovation of county, town and Village Creek pollution, to control pollutant sources, dredging, ecological restoration and other measures to promote the 79 part of Town Creek remediation, river black odor phenomenon basically eliminated; the comprehensive improvement of rural water environment and pay close attention to rural sewage treatment facilities built in 515, and strive to 2017 a village facilities "". A new building work system, a new laying sewage pipe network, a reproduction of river water flowing…… "After the river regulation, the two sides are more beautiful." In the county, township, the people also enjoy the benefits of rivers. In order to protect the mother river Dongjiang and its important tributary of West Zhijiang, Huizhou, which had local legislative power in May last year, formulated the first local laws and regulations to protect the water quality of the West Branch River system, and used the red line to keep the bottom line of ecology. In the creek remediation process, Huizhou adhere to the "governance, control and management", to form a system of governance, governance according to law, the source of governance, comprehensive management "and" experience". A river of a "makeover", for people to create more full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting habitat. "Walking on the edge of the Jinshan River every day, the happiness is very high." Ms. sun, a citizen of Huizhou, said. "Water pollution" full coverage of rural also clear streams will be green rural beauty is an important cornerstone of China beauty. In combination with rural reality, Huizhou has carried out the three major actions of "beautiful countryside", including clean advance, clean water treatment, green full home and so on. The lack of pollution control facilities, sewage flow, the environmental problems facing the rural areas are being solved by the "clean water pollution control" operation in Huizhou. Boluo Pingnan County came to the village, saw the village main road every ten meters have a distinctive sewage treatment facilities, the villagers of sewage into the wetland through the sewage collection pipe network, through microbial and plant physical, chemical and biochemical reaction, the original muddy smelly sewage become colorless and tasteless, straight row farmland irrigation, the village has more than 800 people take on an altogether new aspect, effective sewage treatment, the environment improved. What should we do for villages where residents live in densely populated villages without artificial wetlands? Some new ways have been explored in some counties "according to local conditions". High tech Zone Dongsheng Village Zhongkai take photovoltaic power generation combined with sewage treatment, directed by biological membrane integrated treatment facilities, treatment of surrounding villages using power sewage treated water directly used for agricultural irrigation. The electricity used is provided by the photovoltaic power of the roof between the equipment. "The construction of rural sewage treatment facilities, we have always stressed the need to adapt to local conditions, not only to be effective, but also to minimize the pressure of the masses." Huizhou Municipal Bureau of environmental protection, responsible person, has also issued a technical guidance for construction and operation. Not only rural sewage treatment, but also "water pollution control" action, including drinking water source protection, river regulation, industrial waste water treatment, aquaculture wastewater treatment, water ecological culture cultivation and so on, basically realized the full coverage of rural sewage treatment. "Water pollution" at the same time, Huizhou through the "clean first", established the family collection, village, town, County Office of centralized transport processing "mode of operation, to achieve the rural garbage Nissan Nissin; and" green home "action to make a" beautiful village "," village, manor forest garden garden road lined "is becoming a reality. Clean water around the village, the beautiful scenery is intoxicated. "Three major actions" made the Huizhou village "reborn", "clean, green, smooth, beautiful" beautiful countryside everywhere. There are "houses", "gains", "reconstructing human water" and "the water" of a city, is the lifeblood of a city. Water ecological construction has improved the living environment, benefited the surrounding people and nurtured the economic development. The strong blood pulse is making the ecological environment of Huizhou "alive". The Dongjiang River crossing the city is the source of drinking water for 30 million people in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou. Huizhou has implemented the most stringent water resources protection system, so that the Dongjiang Huizhou section has maintained 100% of surface water category II and drinking water quality compliance rate. An American enterprise is preparing to invest 200 million US dollars in Huizhou, but its emission standards are not up to the standard of the Dongjiang River Basin and are firmly rejected by Huizhou. In recent years, Huizhou has rejected more than 800 projects that do not meet the requirements of environmental protection, and the environmental protection veto rate is over 10% every year. The dialectical view of "house" and "gains" makes Huizhou harvest a sweet fruit on the road of water ecological civilization. Water is a cycle system. Through the efforts of these years, the quality of the sea water in Huizhou river lake has been obviously improved. The monitoring data published by the provincial environmental protection department in 2015 showed that the water quality of the coastal waters of Huizhou was the best in the province. Nowadays, in Huizhou, "green" has become the value orientation of the broad masses of cadres and masses. "Huizhou blue" has become the brand of the city, and green welfare has become an important part of people’s welfare. Green development never stop, at present, Huizhou is the province’s environmental protection work conference for guidance, firmly grasp the core of environmental quality, to create a national ecological civilization construction demonstration city and national water ecological civilization pilot city, continue to maintain good air. (Luo Rui Lu Hui Liao Yuxian Liu Junhui (central Xuan): Yang Jieli Zhang Haiyan, commissioning editor) 惠州投300亿整治河涌 巧建湿地处理污水–广东频道–人民网 原标题:惠州投300亿整治河涌巧建湿地处理污水   “看!这是村里刚建好的‘小花园’,它让村里池塘水清了,污水也不见了。”在惠州博罗县园洲镇桔龙村,村民高兴地说。这个“小花园”,其实是村里建的微型分散式复合型人工湿地。   类似的农村生活污水处理设施,惠州已经建了515座。近日,全省环境保护工作会议暨珠三角区域水污染防治协作小组第一次会议召开,惠州在会上作交流发言,有关经验做法特别是治水工作获得好评。   近年来,惠州把治水作为生态文明建设的重要组成部分,坚持依法治理、系统治理、综合治理、源头治理,取得了明显成效。惠州市委书记陈奕威表示,“水”干净了,就能引来“大鱼”、“活鱼”;生态好了,就能招来更多创新项目、优质项目,生态保护为经济发展提供了源源不竭的动力。   “3个100亿”系统治理让“臭水沟”变身水生态长廊   河流犹如一个地方的血管动脉,河流治理是激活一个地方生态环境的关键。惠州投入“3个100亿元”,系统推进河涌整治工作,把一条条河涌打造成融合特色景观文化的水生态廊道。   惠州投资10亿元,历时10个月,完成了10公里的金山河整治,原来的“臭水沟”变身为河畅、水清、岸绿、路通、人悦、景美的生态长廊,直接惠及两岸10多万居民。该工程还获住建部颁发“中国人居环境范例奖”。   金山河是惠州实施市区河涌水环境综合整治总体规划,首条启动整治的河涌。   ――近年来,惠州投入100亿整治市区14条河涌,兴水利、除水害、造水景,突出综合施策和源头治污,力争2017年基本完成整治任务。目前已完成金山河和青年河整治任务,望江沥、洛塘渠、新开河等多条河涌整治工作紧锣密鼓推进中……   ――投入100亿元推动淡水河、潼湖流域“两河”污染整治,持续加大对沿岸污水处理设施建设、运营力度,“两河”水质明显改善,造福两岸百姓……   ――投入100亿元整治县、镇、村河涌污染,采取控源截污、清淤疏浚、生态修复等措施,推进79条镇级河涌整治,部分河涌黑臭现象基本消除;狠抓农村水环境综合整治,建成农村生活污水处理设施515座,力争到2017年实现“一村一设施”。   一项项新建立的工作制度,一根根新铺设的污水管网,一条条河涌再现清水流淌……“河道整治后,两岸更漂亮了。”在县区、乡镇,老百姓也享受到了河涌整治带来的福利。   为保护母亲河东江及其重要支流西枝江,去年5月开始拥有地方立法权的惠州,制定首部地方性法规保护西枝江水系水质,用法治红线守住生态底线。   在河涌整治过程中,惠州坚持“治、控、管”并举,形成了一套“系统治理、依法治理、综合治理、源头治理”的“治水经验”。   一条条河涌来了个“美丽大变身”,为民众造就更多充满诗情画意的栖息之地。“每天在金山河边散步,幸福感很高。”惠州市民孙女士说。   “清水治污”全覆盖还农村碧水长流绿色永驻   农村美是中国美的重要基石。惠州结合农村实际,开展了包括清洁先行、清水治污、绿满家园等在内的“美丽乡村”三大行动。   缺乏治污设施,污水横流,农村面临的环保难题,正被惠州的“清水治污”行动所破解。   来到博罗县平南村,只见村主干道边每隔十几米就有一座别具特色的污水处理设施,村民的生活污水通过污水收集管网引到人工湿地,经过微生物和植物的物理、化学和生物化学等反应,原来浑浊发臭的污水变得无色无味,直排农田进行灌溉,全村面貌焕然一新,800多人的生活污水得到有效处理,环境明显改善。   对于居民居住密集的村庄,形不成人工湿地,又该怎么办?一些县区“因地制宜”探索了一些新办法。仲恺高新区东升村则采取光伏发电与污水处理结合,通过定向生物膜一体化处理设施,利用电力处理周边村庄的生活污水,处理过的水直接用于农业灌溉。所用的电由设备间屋顶的光伏发电提供。   “农村污水处理设施建设,我们一直强调要因地制宜,既要有成效,也要最大程度减轻群众压力。”惠州市环保局负责人称,为此还印发了建设及运营技术指引。   不单是农村生活污水治理,“清水治污”行动还包括饮用水源保护、河道整治、工业废水治理、养殖废水治理、水生态文化培育等内容,基本实现了农村污水治理全覆盖。   “清水治污”的同时,惠州通过“清洁先行”行动,建立了“户收集、村集中、镇办转运、县区处理”的运作模式,实现农村生活垃圾日产日清;而“绿满家园”行动让一条条村庄“靓起来”,“村庄园林化、庭院花园化、道路林荫化”正成为现实。   清水绕村流,美景惹人醉。“三大行动”让惠州村庄“脱胎换骨”,“洁、绿、畅、美”的美丽乡村遍地可见。   有“舍”有“得”重构人水和谐关系   一个城市的水脉,就是一个城市的命脉。   水生态建设改善了人居环境,惠及周边群众,也反哺经济发展。强健的血脉跳动,正让惠州的生态环境“活起来”。   穿城而过的东江,是香港、深圳、东莞和惠州等地3000万人口的饮用水源,惠州实行最严格的水资源保护制度,使东江惠州段长期保持地表水Ⅱ类、饮用水源水质达标率100%。   一家美国企业准备投资2亿美元在惠州设厂,但其相关排放标准达不到东江流域标准,被惠州坚决拒绝。近年来,惠州否决不符合环保要求的项目超800多宗,每年项目环保否决率超10%。   辩证看待“舍”与“得”,让惠州在水生态文明建设路上收获一颗颗甜美果实。   水是一个循环体系,经过这几年的努力,惠州江河湖海水质均得到了明显提升。2015年省环保厅公布的监测数据显示,惠州近岸海水水质全省最优。   如今在惠州,“绿色化”成为了广大干部群众的价值取向,“惠州蓝”成为了城市品牌,绿色福利成为了民生福利的重要组成部分。   绿色发展永不止步,当下,惠州正以全省环境保护工作会议精神为指导,牢牢扭住环境质量这个核心,全力创建国家生态文明建设示范市和国家水生态文明试点市,持续保持好山好水好空气。(罗锐 卢慧 廖钰娴 刘君 惠环宣) (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: