Hubei Burma man smuggled a soldier to be courageous family quanfan jailed for 8 months-shuyue

Hubei Burma man smuggled a soldier to be courageous family quanfan jailed for 8 months in Enshi court hearing (correspondent Cao Lu) Liu Mouyan Xian also want to become a soldier valiant and heroic in bearing, soldiers, hands have tattoos not through domestic recruitment conditions, put the abacus abroad on conscription. Recently, the Enshi municipal court to the defendant Liu guilty of illegally crossing the country (border) border crimes, sentenced to eight months imprisonment, fined 1000 yuan. The court found that Liu in the network learned Burma MDNA recruitment news, and contacted by QQ Alliance Party, to determine the time and condition of conscription. To strengthen their recruitment team, Liu also through self "and adhere to the dreamer counterparts" QQ group found codenamed "Wong" and "Guizhou" and "allies", three people together to discuss the way and time to Burma. In February 13, 2016 17, together with the "Liu Jiaming", "Guizhou", and some good allies on one side of the joint of "logistics", illegally crossing the border to Burma bold alliance barracks. In February 16th, Enshi network security detachment received provincial network security corps informed clues personnel in Enshi Liu to participate in illegal outbound MDNA, immediately coordinated the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the district police station on the quanfan. Liu persuaded his family, on February 20th to return to Enshi, and to the district police station truthfully confessed criminal facts. The court held that the defendant Liu in violation of (frontier) environmental management regulations, to steal the country (border) exit, if the circumstances are serious, in view of their relatives after the incident by persuasion surrender, and truthfully confessed crimes, the Department of surrender, decided their sentences, then made the decision according to law. Source: Enshi intermediate people’s court website editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: