Hu Jing, the big 3 conference exposed standard is actually like to eat durian daughter-in-law-luonv

Hu Jing, the "big 3" conference exposed daughter-in-law was like to eat durian standard Tencent entertainment news yesterday, "westward journey 3" held in Beijing "through time and space" conference. Director Jeffrey Lau and the cast appeared one by one, Han Geng, Hu Jing, Xie Nan and Shawn Huang have appeared, star studded field. Guanyin played Hu Jing in the film, is the scene of exposing the daughter-in-law, verse frequent, causing the scene climax. On the same day, Hu Jing was wearing a short black T, big red bag hip skirt collocation, classic black collocation stylish atmosphere, highlight the tall figure, the host also lamented: the sister Yan value is too high! When asked about the most memorable scene shooting, Hu Jing said: this time most of the shooting is completed in front of the green cloth, and then add special effects. For example, although the film is Guanyin and six ear rhesus macaques in fighting, but we didn’t meet, take all, so many shots are no real performance, take the time quite funny, alone against the air spell." For the shooting without hanging wire, Hu Jing also conducted a live appeal: "have good years without making costume, want to hang a wire flying feeling aftertaste, who knows the scene and saw no crane, are all white effects, excited for a long time!" To echo through time and space "theme, the scene also inevitably asked each creative, if you have the box, most want to go where. And Hu Jing’s answer is attracted to the scene a small climax. Hu Jing said: "I want to travel to the future to see their son he grow up, and then look at his daughter-in-law." As everyone knows, the son of Hu Jing, Yan value is high, the gas market is strong, was a little warm man, the network has many people queuing called Hu Jing the "mother-in-law", it seems Hu Jing is also looking forward to your future daughter-in-law. And be asked to select the standard daughter-in-law, Hu Jing is more fun to say: "we are family like to eat durian, so the future daughter-in-law to eat, this is like drawn to like". The hand piece is like gold, the site attracted a burst of laughter, presumably after the launch, a wave like to eat durian daughter-in-law is on the way!相关的主题文章: