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Hsu Chi is wearing a pink skirt to marry who wear white gauze to get married? Most of the girls in the world want to get married when dressed like Mt Fuji, solemn and holy, but there are some girls, like Hsu Chi, to be comfortable with sex. Yu Bo once asked Oliver why did she wear a sweater and pants to get married, she said: for all girls, the most important thing is to do their own marriage, but more refined than usual Palermo. So today is to teach people to check those who do the bride dressed most do their female star, all the old women go out to the right, the people’s Park blind corner welcome you. Who said that must wear a long skirt? Olivia Palermo (Olivia · Palermo) mentioned in front of the It girl would dare, her wedding is the designer friend Carolina Herrera to help her custom, a sweater, a pair of white shorts plus white skirt will fix. She said: my wedding is very private and very small, so do not want too grand. No matter what I wear makeup or clothes, I try to dress up as the most often dressed up, because that is what you’d better look like, as long as a little more refined just fine. Keira Knightley (Kayla · Knightley) the married Miss when wearing a Chanel skirt, with a jacket, wear flat shoes, skipping the thing to do. Perhaps this dress skirt is all-match, she was reused several times, for a while with boots, while adding Chiffon sleeves…… It is the water man iron skirt. Gwen Stefani (Gwen · Stephanie) at the bottom of the pink pink wedding dress is John Galliano designed for Gwen, in addition to his consistent broken beauty, the bottom of the gradient color is really great. Call it the "bloody style" can also be. Gwen heard that the good thing is near, I do not know how to do their own wedding next time…… Angelina Jolie (Angelina · Julie) Juppe wedding of the century, how can ordinary wedding! Her wedding dress is Atelier Versace’s chief tailor Luigi Massi to her custom. From the front, at first glance, but did not like what, back and actually is full of graffiti veil! In fact, these are the children of Zhu Pijia graffiti painted himself, because Jolie love children, so Luigi from the children’s paintings selected these patterns, put them in the embroidered wedding dress and veil.相关的主题文章: