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UnCategorized How do you set work goals? Work goals can be very different from a goal to go on a world cruise. A work goal can be mundane, it can be for small things, and it can be for big things. It can even mean totally different things than that, and we could find ourselves confused before long! End the confusion, and learn how to set work goals and move forward. The reason for the confusion can be our definition. For example, an entrepreneur may have totally different types of work goals than an employee working in a day job – with work goals. They each could ask how to set work goals and have different aims and objectives. One thing that unites the two is that they both have that desire for a certain achievement, and the work to get there. So now we have something to work with, and can utilize it to increase our performance and achieve more success whether we ask how to set work goals to increase our business or get us up the career ladder. In essence whether you run the business or simply work there, the work goals you set will be similar. Most of the type of goals you set will usually be with tasks that are repetitive and can be simple. This is the domain of systematization. You go from one task to the next. And here is where a goal setting strategy can go out the window, especially with all the repetition. The solution then becomes to first stand back and look at what is trying to be achieved. This is why many coaches, including myself often ask whether you know your ultimate outcome. Your ultimate outcome will be unique to you. For example, if it is your own business, then the outcome will likely be the reason why you got into business, in the first place. If you work for someone, and are setting these goals, then the ultimate outcome for you will be the pay rise, climbing up the career ladder or even being able to sustain or build on your lifestyle. Having this ultimate outcome is essential, because it allows you to get maximum benefit whenever you ask yourself how to set work goals. Now you can look at what needs to be done in a new light. For the most part, these mundane tasks we find on a day to day level are those tasks that need systematization. This is the domain of creating a process for the business. And even if you are an employee, you can still perform this task within your own job. Finding the most important outcomes first and working to achieve them is the surest way to reach your ultimate outcomes. After all, when you perform 120% here, then your business increases, thus making your ultimate outcome reality. And it still works as an employee because 120% here means you have done the work to justify the pay rise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: