How To Make Your Wedding Stage Decoration

Marriage-Wedding A well decorated wedding stage is a delight to see and creates a good impression about the wedding parties good taste and culture. Some people seem to do it effortlessly while others struggle to find ideas. Its the heart of the wedding celebration and cynosure of all eyes. The bride and groom will treasure the memories and look back to the wedding albums for years to come. Nowadays there are many wedding organizers who are experts in wedding stage decorations. They can spin beautiful themes and backdrops in every design possible. Please hire a good decorator with expertise in this field, by going through their portfolio. There are a lot of possibilities to decorate a stage you can be as simple as you like or as ornamental as possible.Here are a few ideas to help you organize. There is a royal theme where the chairs in which the bride and bridegroom sit are like thrones, the stage is set with elaborate carved pillars in gold with arches and fountains placed strategically. Gold silver and pearls can be used as a decorative option. The stage can be decorated with a lot of flowers garlands etc giving it a royal look. This royal look can be in fort theme also. Another option is to go completely traditional and recreate old world look and have the bride and groom in traditional clothes complete with retro effects. If done tastefully it looks great as retro is in these days! Another alternative is to use a lot of satin drapes all color co-ordinated to suit the bride and grooms clothes. Lot of flowers like orchids and rare flowers can be arranged to give a beautiful dream like look. You can use a European theme with a lot of statues, fountains, outdoor garden setup, cherubs and lovely flowers. Live it up as this is a once in a lifetime chance. You can recreate anything from movie sets to stage show sets as a theme. We have all stared in envy at a celebrity wedding videos and wondered how they do it. The key to it is to find the right decorator! Another thing to remember is to intimate the approximate number of guests expected as seating has to be arranged and everybody should get a good view of the stage. Next most important thing is lighting for video and photos check and recheck this vital point with your decorator to make sure that everybody looks good in the photos. All this said you are the person to decide on how you want your stage to look like. If you are strapped for cash also, dont worry as good decorator knows how to make the best of what is available to create a magic look. You can rent out standard backdrop items and use tasteful artificial flowers and create a simple setting also. Please discuss your budget with your decorator beforehand and get a proper estimate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: