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Even though some guys are very outgoing and dont have a problem talking to girls or asking them out, there are also a number of guys who are very shy and find it difficult to start a conversation with a girl. If you are very shy, stop looking at it as a reason to stay away from girls and instead use the following tips and tricks to over.e your shyness or simply use it to an advantage. Make yourself the best you can – This step doesnt involve interacting with a girl so dont try to skip it. Even if you dont consider yourself very good looking, the truth is that a guy who grooms himself well has more than half the work done. Keep yourself clean, cut your nails, get a good haircut, spend on some clothes and make an effort to smell good. Just dressing like a mature person will help you feel more confident and it will automatically attract the women. Get rid of the fantasies – Because shy guys have a lot of alone time, a number of them have lots of ideas about the perfect girl. Before you start going out and looking for a girl, get rid of all the fantasies. You arent anywhere close to perfect so you shouldnt expect the girl to be either. Have an open mind and be ready to bring out the good in people. Avoid large groups of girls – This can be the first step to getting you highly embarrassed and also making you give up before you can start. Groups of girls are a .plete no-no for shy boys. Dont approach a girl when she is with her friends. You will feel shy and probably mess up what you want to say and this will turn you into a laughing stock. Always go for a girl when she is on her own. Get involved in activities – There are a number of places where you can sign up for a class or join a hobby group. You could also start volunteering at the .munity centre or volunteer to work with animals etc. Its great because you dont only get to learn something new but you will also get to meet new people. A number of single girls sign up for these classes. Even if you dont meet someone who you want to date, you can still be.e friendly with people from the opposite sex so that you start to get more .fortable with talking to them. Play to your strengths – If you are good at something, dont restrict yourself to only doing it at home. For example, if you are a video-game geek, you could start going to an arcade and playing with others or get into a group of video gamers. You would be surprised at the number of girls who take part in these things. And what is even better is that they will see you doing something that you do very well and they will be the ones attracted to you. The best part is, they will start approaching you and you dont need to do any work to try and attract the girl. Get paired up! Try your hand at a dance class. Dont worry about having two left feet, activities like this are fun and they dont expect you to be a great dancer at the beginners level. You will also be automatically paired up with a girl to dance with and this will help you a lot with battling with your shyness. If you want to be adventurous, you can also try going on a few blind dates just so that you can practice speaking to girls more .fortably. Go for the outgoing girls. Even though this may seem very scary, it will actually make your job a lot easier. Outgoing girls are not scared to tell a person how they feel so they will make up for your shyness. And remember the phrase Opposites attract? A lot of them do really like shy guys! About the Author: this article . Here I will teach you how to woo a woman. Interesting! Doesn’t it? Article Published On: Get Over Yourself! Do You Think You Can Dress Like A Slob And Be Success? You Can"��t So Get Over By: Sandy Z – Do you like to dress like a slob every where you go? It probably isn’t the best idea if you are in business and need to market of sell a product. 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