How to DIY a fingerprint recognition to their old computer

How to DIY a fingerprint identification to their old computer [Abstract] in the initial use of iTouch ID, it will automatically capture the record of fingerprint password, and stored in the database, when you second landing, it will automatically compare recognition. Tencent chares, if you want to make your personal information more private and secure, because you can’t remember the long string of digital passwords, you can try this iTouch ID computer version. ITouch ID is the world’s most mini USB a fingerprint scanner, simply use a finger to touch on the landing account, without fear of someone snooping on your password, can be compatible with PC, Mac and Android platforms, using aircraft grade aluminum material design, capacitive fingerprint sensor of 500 pixels per inch resolution, each device with AES-256 encryption, authentication, privacy protection and it will help you to better myself. From the email, social networks, forums, cloud storage to the bank or other accounts, almost everyone has at least one online account, so in order to ensure the safety, you need to create complex exclusive code, is made up of more than 12 characters, numbers and symbols, and so many accounts, remember the one or two is to make people headache, if you will all use the same account password, and security is difficult to guarantee, so the use of fingerprint encryption technology, is another excellent way, everyone in the world have different fingerprints, so this will also be the world of your own password, only you can be open the iTouch ID in use for the first time, it will automatically capture fingerprint password record, which is stored in the database, when the second time you login, it will automatically identify alignment, ITouch ID fingerprint data is not stored in the way of images, so it is not easy to be used by hackers, security is easier to protect. ITouch ID can be the first line of your notebook operating system security privacy, password confirmation, it can synchronize the social networking account, the other by default, you can lock and unlock your computer with iTouch ID in the same folder, with a fingerprint identification, iTouch ID can protect your laptop Windows, a desktop computer and a tablet, from hardware to software, security issues are a reliable guarantee, so you can always keep the privacy of data security, compared to other needs of mouse, the data line operation of fingerprint identification products, iTouch ID is more simple and compact, the products of others some too large, some operation is too complicated. In the first set, iTouch ID no longer need to repeat setting, it is compatible with Mac OS and X Windows notebook computer, tablet devices and Android Windows system, it is worth mentioning that the fingerprint recognition speed iTouch ID particularly fast, it can in a second scan, analysis and landing account, than with password typing a lot faster, although it looks very mini size, but the iTouch ID fuselage by Aluminum Alloy aviation grade material composition.

如何DIY一枚指纹识别给自己的旧款电脑 [摘要]在初次使用iTouch ID时,它将会自动捕捉记录下的指纹密码,并储存到数据库中,当你第二次登陆时,它会自动比对识别。腾讯数码讯(chares)如果你想让个人信息更加隐私安全,因为记不住长串数字密码而烦恼,你可以试试这款iTouch ID电脑版。iTouch ID是世界最迷你的一款USB指纹扫描仪,只需要简单用手指触碰就可以登陆账户,而不用担心有人偷窥你的密码,能够同时兼容PC,Mac和安卓平台,采用飞机级铝制材质设计,电容指纹传感器每英寸500像素分辨率,每台设备都具有AES-256加密认证,它将帮助你更好的保护自己的隐私。从电子邮件,社交网络,论坛,云储存到银行或其他账户,几乎每个人都拥有至少一个网络在线账户,因此为了确保安全,你需要创建复杂的专属密码,由12位以上的字符,数字和符号组合,而那么多的账户,记住一两个就是让人头痛的事情了,如果你将所有账户都采用同样的密码,安全问题又难以保障,因此采用指纹密码技术,是另一种绝佳的方式,世界上的每个人都有不同的指纹,因此这也将是世界上你独有的密码,只有你才能将其打开,在初次使用iTouch ID时,它将会自动捕捉记录下的指纹密码,并储存到数据库中,当你第二次登陆时,它会自动比对识别,iTouch ID的指纹数据并非以图像的方式储存,因此也不容易被黑客利用,安全性更容易保障。iTouch ID能够成为你笔记本操作系统隐私安全的第一道防线,在密码确认之后,它可以同步登陆其他的社交网络等账号,通过预设,你可以用iTouch ID锁定和解锁你电脑中的文件夹,同样的用指纹来进行身份识别,iTouch ID能够保护你的笔记本,台式电脑和Windows平板,从硬件到软件,安全问题都有可靠保障,所以你总是能够让隐私数据保持安全,相比其他需要鼠标,数据线来操作的指纹识别产品,iTouch ID显得更加简单小巧,其他的那些产品则有的太硕大,有的操作太复杂。在初次设定好后,iTouch ID 不再需要重复设定,它能兼容Mac OS X和Windows笔记本,电脑,Windows和安卓系统的平板设备,值得一提的是iTouch ID的指纹识别速度特别快,它能够在一秒内扫描,分析并登陆账户,这比用密码打字的速度快了许多,虽然它的尺寸看上去非常迷你,但是iTouch ID的机身由航空级铝合金材质构成,能够抵抗划痕,能够防水。目前这款产品正在indiegogo上众筹,售价约合人民币390元。相关的主题文章: