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How many companies can not get a poor county IPO queue to get a green card? Source: WeChat public number lotus finance Author: e interpretation of poverty alleviation in the capital market to usher in a major positive. The Commission again heavy, the national poor county enterprises IPO will apply, that is, that is, the trial, the trial that was issued policy. Securities Times e reporter from the country’s 743 IPO queue enterprises one by one investigation, the list of poor counties than the national list, sorting out the list of poor county IPO company. If coupled with the registration of the admissibility of counseling companies, the national queue up to 1598 companies. Statistics found that the company has been included in the pre disclosure and guidance in a total of 6, including Shanxi,, Henan, Anhui, two, Inner Mongolia and Hubei, 1 and 1. In the 592 poverty-stricken counties have calculated every 100 to 1 listed companies. There are secretaries and investment bankers on the Securities Times reporter, said, has lined up for so long, it is estimated that the enterprise will not dare to move, the cost of re declaration of the material is too high. But part of preparing for the listing of enterprises, may consider relocation. With the fastest speed, this year to register for the relocation of poor areas, pay tax in 2016 next year, to report material, 2018 could usher in "immigrants" in poor areas, companies listed boom. On the other hand, the above policy or stimulate the capital to invest more in poor areas of the enterprise, there will be poor areas of the original sprint listed companies. In the meet the income tax is not less than 20 million yuan, after 2017, there may be more enterprises in poor areas to force the capital market. The enterprise has a precedent of poverty-stricken areas in September 9th, the Commission published the "Chinese Commission on capital markets play a role in national poverty alleviation service strategy", "opinion" said for the poor areas of enterprise IPO, three new board listed open Easy Access. "Opinions" pointed out that the Commission on the registration and the main production and operation of land in poor areas and carry out the production and operation for three years, the payment of income tax over three years of business, or registered in poor areas, poor areas in recent years to pay income tax of not less than not to change the registered enterprise and 20 million yuan promise within three years after the listing, the application of IPO, "reported that the trial is over," policy. At the same time, China Securities Industry Association also announced the securities company " in September 9th; a secretary of a county " twinning poor county action of the first list. Guoxin Securities, Shenwan Hong brokerage 11 twinning 13 impoverished county. Securities Times reporter found that the traditional sense of the poverty-stricken areas in northwest five provinces, southwest Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou and other counties, although there are a lot of books, but according to the declaration of the list of enterprises, and no listed companies coming out of them. This also shows that poor counties to hatch a listed company is not easy. But there are senior insurance generation said that although poor counties in line with the listed company resources are not many, but the policy still has a guiding significance, it is possible to stimulate these areas to speed up the support of the strength of enterprises, as soon as possible to achieve zero breakthrough. Yunnan province is currently only one in Sichuan Jinnuo registered in the impoverished county, 2015;相关的主题文章: