Hotel advertising called big belly citizens nausea (video)-sunny came home

The hotel ads called "big belly" citizens: "nausea" "we are responsible for the big belly!" The billboard that is larger than the truck is particularly conspicuous in the streets of Shenyang. The advertisements and the "flower like" images that dig the nostrils make many passing Shenyang people call "nausea". More than a hundred meters away, it is a school, and many students can see the billboard on the way to school. The billboard has been replaced yesterday after the Jixian industry and Commerce Institute intervened in the investigation. Hotel advertising "big your stomach" "such advertising is too vulgar, easy to teach bad children, the departments concerned should be banned immediately!" At 9 o’clock yesterday morning, when Mr. Yu was driving near Nanjing Street 147, he saw a big billboard on the road. The big font was written on it, "we are going to make your belly bigger." In addition, there is a "flower" figure on the billboard, and a man dressed as a woman dug his nostrils. Mr. Yu came close to a look. It turned out to be a billboard of a barbecue shop. There were several pictures of the roasted string. "The original big belly is eating skewers, this ambiguity is really disgusting, but the hotel advertising why digging booger with a picture? Nausea. " Mr. Yu said. Advertising grill Hot pot shop transformation yesterday morning, the reporters came to the Liaoshen Evening News billboard, "big belly" advertising is still rolling broadcast, almost ten seconds will refresh time. "It’s been a lot of days, looking very uncomfortable, and we can’t do it for the sake of publicity." A passing old man said. And a few young people say, "advertising gimmicks, see can let a person remember." The reporter then came to the barbecue workshop, but the door was attached to "the interior decoration, the suspension of business, the inconvenience to you, please forgive." Entering the building on the floor, a front desk staff member said that the barbecue workshop was ready to become a hot pot shop. But she was not clear about the billboard. Advertisers: not involving pornography is no problem then the reporter called the billboard responsible for undertaking advertising business advisory telephone, a staff member said that advertising charges 200 dollars a day, monthly and annual package will have a discount, and this restaurant advertising fees for one year more than 4 yuan. "Everything can be got, but the video can’t get up, the content is fixed, you can do it. More than 240 times a day, one 15 seconds, from 7 to 10. " The staff said that the billboard advertising display, can express all kinds of blessings, marriage, tracing etc.. "Do the ads like ‘we’re in charge of your belly’ can also be advertised?" The reporter asked. The staff said, "this is not an advertising gimmick, as long as there is no problem involved in pornography." Lawyer: advertising does not violate good social togezo Liaoning lawyer Lin Shujing lawyers said that the advertising law provisions of article ninth, the advertisement may not interfere with public order or contrary to good social custom; containing obscene or pornographic, gambling, superstition, terror, violence, and injurious to minors and the handicapped the physical and mental health. Lin said that advertising can play an unexpected publicity effect, but it can’t play word games as it likes, otherwise it will not be punished for violating laws and regulations. But if the advertising hinder the public order of society or violate good social and legal provisions can be made by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall stop advertising, the advertisers at more than two hundred thousand yuan to one million yuan fine, if the circumstances are serious, the business license may be revoked, the revocation of the advertisement examination organ advertising review approval documents, within one year shall not accept its the advertisement examination application. This newspaper reported that a Shenyang named "no hungry sitting" Hotel, other city also appeared in this name, business personnel for legal education and administrative guidance to businesses, for the removal of improper replacement of the plaque ordered its deadline in. The reason is that the words "without starving and not sitting" are easy to cause the common people to misunderstand and violate the good customs of the society and run counter to the construction of the present civilized city. On the same day, the reporter complained to the public security bureau that the problem was reflected by the public. The staff member of the Jixian industrial and commercial office who was involved in the investigation was sent back, and the billboard had been removed. If there is any illegal act again, it will be investigated. Yesterday, the reporter came to the scene again and found that the billboard had been replaced. No real integrity company advertising young female subway strip

饭店打广告称“搞大你肚子” 市民:“恶心”“我们就负责搞大你的肚子!”比卡车还大一圈的广告牌在沈阳的街头格外显眼,上面的广告词和挖着鼻孔的“如花”形象,让很多路过的沈阳人直呼“恶心”。百余米之外,就是一所学校,很多学生上学的路上就能看到这个广告牌。昨日,集贤工商所介入调查后,该广告牌已被更换。饭店广告“搞大你的肚子”“这样的广告语也太低俗了,容易教坏孩子,有关部门应该马上取缔!”昨日上午9时许,上班路上的余先生开车经过南京南街147号附近时,远远看到一个滚动的大广告牌,上面大大的字体写着:“我们就负责搞大你的肚子!”此外,广告牌上还有一个电影里“如花”的人物形象,一个男扮女装的男子挖着鼻孔。余先生走近一看,原来是一家烧烤店的广告牌,上面还有几个烤串的图片。“原来搞大肚子就是吃烤串的意思,这样的歧义真是令人反感,而且饭店的广告为什么要配上一个挖鼻屎的图片呢?恶心。”余先生说。打广告烧烤店转型火锅店昨日上午,辽沈晚报记者来到这个广告牌前,“搞大肚子”字样的广告还在不断地滚动播出,几乎十几秒就会刷新一次。“好多天了,看着挺不舒服,为了宣传也不能这么做。”附近一位路过的老人说。而个别年轻人则表示,“广告噱头,看了能让人记住。”记者随后来到该烧烤坊,但大门贴上了“因室内装修,暂停营业,给您带来的不便请谅解。”进入正在装修的楼上,一位前台的工作人员表示,烧烤坊准备变成火锅店。不过对广告牌一事,她表示并不清楚。广告商:不涉黄赌毒就没问题随后记者拨通了这块广告牌负责承接广告业务的咨询电话,一位工作人员表示,广告牌每天收费200元,包月和包年会有优惠,而这家烧烤店的广告费为一年4万余元。“什么都能登,但视频登不了,内容自己定,可以订做。一天播出240次以上,一次15秒,早7时到晚10时。”该工作人员表示,广告牌上可以进行广告展示、表白求婚、各类祝福、寻人寻物等。“像‘我们就负责搞大你的肚子’这种内容的广告也可以登?”记者问。该工作人员称,“这就是广告噱头,只要不涉及黄赌毒就没问题。”律师:广告不能违背社会良好风尚辽宁同泽律师事务所林姝婧律师表示,广告法第九条规定,广告不得有下列情形:妨碍社会公共秩序或者违背社会良好风尚;含有淫秽、色情、赌博、迷信、恐怖、暴力的内容,且广告不得损害未成年人和残疾人的身心健康。林律师称,广告可以起到意想不到的宣传效果,但不能随心所欲地玩文字游戏,否则不排除因为违反法律法规而被处罚。而广告如果妨碍社会公共秩序或者违背社会良好风尚,法律规定可以由工商行政管理部门责令停止发布广告,对广告主处二十万元以上一百万元以下的罚款,情节严重的,可以吊销营业执照,由广告审查机关撤销广告审查批准文件、一年内不受理其广告审查申请等。本报曾报道沈阳一家取名“无饿不坐”的饭店,其他城市也出现过这一店名,工商人员对商家进行普法教育和行政指导,责令其限期内对不当牌匾进行拆除更换。原因即是因为“无饿不坐”字样容易引起百姓误解,违背社会良好风尚,与当前文明城市建设背道而驰。当日,记者将市民反映的该问题投诉给和平区工商局,介入调查的集贤工商所李姓工作人员反馈,该广告牌已经撤掉,如再有违法行为,将予以查处。昨日,记者再次来到现场,发现广告牌已被替换。 实拍无节操公司恶俗广告 妙龄女地铁当众脱衣相关的主题文章: