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Hongkong tourism industry is now signs of stabilization in September passenger volume decline narrowed to 3% of the original title: Hongkong tourism industry is now signs of stabilization in September passenger volume decline narrowed to 3% night in Hongkong. Data figure Wang Dongming photo Beijing, November 1, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, inbound tourism reproduction signs of stabilization, the Hongkong Tourism Bureau announced in October 31st, the number of visitors in September decline narrowed to 3%. Hongkong Tourism Bureau said, in October the first half of the month visitors increased. The members of the Legislative Council Yao Sirong said, not yet determine whether tourism really stabilized, but nearly two months hotel occupancy rate is higher than expected, expect there to be no negative news affecting the development of the tourism industry. Hongkong Tourism Bureau announced, in September the overall inbound passengers 4 million 420 thousand passengers, down 3%, down 9.4% compared to August narrowed sharply. Mainland visitors down 5%, only 3 million 330 thousand passengers, the passenger market fell 4.1%, the market only short area market, up 5.7% and 1.6% respectively in the long distance. However, overnight visitors in September edged up 0.7% yoy, especially the market short area overnight visitors year-on-year surged 10.3%, with the highest increase in South Korea, 37.1%. A total of the first nine months of this year, visitor arrivals fell 6.1% yoy, overnight visitors year-on-year reduction of 1.5%. The HKTB spokesman said, preliminary data show that the first half of October the overall visitor numbers continued to rise, domestic and international passengers were increase. The Bureau will continue over the next few months together with industry in the mainland, and a number of short market for home and discount products for young consumers, hoping to attract more visitors. The tourism sector legislator Yao Sirong said, in September, in October than expected, especially overnight visitors increased significantly, boost the hotel occupancy rate increased. He said, nearly two months the average price fell 5% to 10% Hong Kong Hotel, will help attract visitors from Southeast Asia, but the future is still two months of the tourist season, the industry optimistic for the future, "if there is no negative news, the industry development should be the ideal". He said two years later, the number of hotel rooms will be from the current seventy thousand to ninety thousand, will help stabilize prices, to further attract visitors. The Department of marketing, Chinese University Hong Kong professor Xian Riming said, visitors to Hongkong is one of the important economic links, after arrival of food, transportation, hotel consumption, help retail sales decline narrowed. Hongkong to the Southeast Asian travelers are still attractive, I believe the hotel cost reduction after the appeal will be increased, the authorities expect more publicity to Southeast Asia, so that visitors are more diversified. (Zhang Qi) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: