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Holiday travel near the end does not reduce the number of trips last year   relative growth — Guangxi channel — original title: near the end of the holiday tour does not reduce the number of trips last year relative growth in the Phoenix valley scenic spot, the children accompanied by their parents in a waterfall play water, playing awfully. Reporter Liu Zengxuan photo yesterday was the National Day Golden Week holiday sixth days vacation near the end, some tourists gradually return, but the weather is fine, the number of trips increased compared to last year. In the key scenic spots of Nanning, Guilin, Beihai and other places, the number of tourists has increased compared with the same period last year. Yesterday, the city of Nanning, the weather is clear, in the Nanning zoo Caribbean water world, visitors experience the excitement of the "tsunami", enjoy the rare cool. Although the National Day holiday is drawing to a close, visitors still follow in the main scenic parks in Nanning. Autonomous Region statistical data center of holiday tourism information statistics show that the Nanning City Zoo tourists 27 thousand passengers, an increase of 110.94%; Qingxiushan scenic tourists 16 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 2.48%; the West Lake Scenic tourists 1 thousand and 200 passengers, an increase of 71.43%. From the accommodation situation, the star hotel room occupancy rate in Nanning is 80.5%. Old tourist city — Guilin and Beihai city in the same yourenruzhi. The Lijiang River in Guilin (tour) tourists 5 thousand and 300 passengers, an increase of 27.7%; it had 3 thousand and 700 tourists, an increase of 119.92%; Beihai Silver Beach tourist area of 29 thousand and 900 tourists, an increase of 131.78%. In addition, Jingxi County, Leye County Tourism continues. Jingxi County Gulong gorge group tourist attractions 1 thousand and 200 visitors, an increase of 71.43%. The star rated hotel rooms in the county are still tense, with a occupancy rate of 99%. Leye County star hotel room occupancy rate is as high as 99%. Although yesterday most cities the star hotel room occupancy rate decreased, but the room occupancy rate of more than 90% cities and counties (District Tourism) there are still many, including: Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County, Dongxing City, Weizhou Island Tourism Zone, Rongxian County, Zhaoping County and Qinnan district. (reporter Huang Ying) (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu) 长假近尾声游兴不减 全区出游人数相对去年有增长–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:长假近尾声游兴不减 全区出游人数相对去年有增长 在凤凰谷景区里,孩子们在家长的陪伴下在瀑布边戏水,玩得不亦乐乎。记者 刘增璇 摄 昨天是国庆黄金周长假的第六天,假期接近尾声,部分游客逐渐返程,但全区天气晴朗,出游人数相对于去年有所增长。在南宁市、桂林市、北海市等地的重点景区,游客接待量均比去年同期有所增长。 昨天,南宁市天气晴朗,在南宁动物园加勒比水世界,游客兴致勃勃地体验刺激的“海啸”,享受难得的清凉。尽管国庆长假接近尾声,但在南宁市的主要景区公园,游客依然接踵而至。自治区假日旅游信息统计中心的统计数据显示,南宁市动物园接待游客2.7万人次,同比增长110.94%;青秀山风景区接待游客1.68万人次,同比增长2.48%;西津湖景区接待游客0.12万人次,同比增长71.43%。从住宿情况看,南宁市的星级饭店客房出租率为80.5%。 老牌旅游城市――桂林市和北海市同样游人如织。其中桂林漓江(精华游)接待游客0.53万人次,同比增长27.7%;芦笛岩接待游客0.37万人次,同比增长119.92%;北海银滩旅游区接待游客2.99万人次,同比增长131.78%。 另外,靖西县、乐业县的旅游热度依然不减。靖西县古龙山峡谷群生态旅游景区接待游客0.12万人次,同比增长71.43%。该县的星级饭店客房依然紧张,出租率为99%。乐业县的星级饭店客房出租率也高达99%。 尽管昨日大部分县市的星级饭店客房出租率有所降低,但客房出租率超过90%的市县(旅游区 区)仍有不少,包括:融水苗族自治县、三江侗族自治县、恭城瑶族自治县、东兴市、涠洲岛旅游区、容县、昭平县和钦南区。(记者 黄颖) (责编:庞冠华、陈露露)相关的主题文章: