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His works have to rewrite laws, now with the Busan Tencent for popular entertainment Zhuangao (the coconut) these days the hottest movie "Busan" for everyone to see? The president’s circle of friends has been scraper, not at all can’t knock on. This South Korea’s Zombie Film Nominated Cannes, just a few days in the Korean movie amount to more than 10 million, known as "Asia’s first zombie film". In all the hot, the film in the rotten tomatoes website freshness 93%, IMDb score of 8, watercress score of 8.3. This score has been higher than 95% and 96% of the disaster movie thriller. Some people say that this is the rejection of ten years of Chinese film works. A pair of alienation and travel to Busan, in all the cold unfeeling, sacrifice, daughter peer tears and all the truth of disaster to the father’s guilt, regret and remorse… Finally the father jumped self salvation is so many audience were moved to tears. In the countless people who the movie at the same time, the president is also the male flower in the circle of the powder, such as tidal exchanges Korean film industry, he has no top color, has a unique charm. Small meat shape down through the vicissitudes of life, he is to have a new title of "Obama uncle", his name is Kong Liu. Who is Kong Liu? Play the "Coffee Prince" ugly handsome uncle Kong Liu about this man looks ugly in appearance, we may be the earliest known him in "Coffee Prince", Kong Liu launched a "male romance in the drama and Nvbannanzhuang Yun Eunhea". When he did not know when Yun Eunhea himself in the classic line "I love you, whether you are a man or an alien." The president handed Vu have ~ and in the same year with the best actor award. Although not handsome, but he is a representative of South Korea acting, and He Zhengyu became a word of mouth reputation of the film, think they can think of three words – a good movie. More netizens ridicule they are equivalent to China’s Huang Bo, to see its status in Korea! Even the "sun" gold Enshu are descendants of writers of his fans sister, "Empress Dowager" but had the first contact hole Liu in men, but was he declined. Otherwise you will not see the captain Liu Nakamoto version of the song. Never lose the fighting men in Busan, running for five years, Kong Liu models for this name is interesting to say, father surnamed hole, mother surnamed Liu, so the name is called "hole Liu", but in the official translation before we all used to call him Gong Yoo. Kong Liu’s hometown is Busan, korea. The characteristics of Busan men, known as "men like fire" in Korea, look at the powerful male hormones emanating from the body, and you will understand that. Kong Liu high school, although the deputy squad leader, but the fight in the class ranking is superior. He used to play with his classmates in the toilet, hit the school uniform coat and shirt stained with blood. Later, after the entry, because of the lack of beaten experience, starred in my barbaric female teacher when playing a beaten man, so he was acting distressed. In fact, Kong Liu started as president and is the legendary "TV workers" ~ college admitted Mnet part-time VJ, with excellent proportion in the circle model. In the "school" 4 unsuccessful audition, half closed相关的主题文章: