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Wife to husband addicted to mahjong mahjong file – Zhou Suiwa dropped to the Beijing Yangzi Evening News (reporter Ren Guoyong) who lives in a small village in Nanjing District of Pukou Liu she opened a mahjong file at home, every day is very busy, 29 PM, a man with a child to find her family mother, did not find the man angrily threw the child she went away. She has a nasty, I do not know what to do, but to the police for help. 29 at 8 o’clock in the evening, the police station rushed to the police in the past, saw a baby girl about a year old sitting in the cart, she looked around the lovely strangers. Ms. Luo said, occasionally this child’s mother would come to her house to play mahjong, that night the child’s mother did not come to play mahjong, may be the father of the child did not find her Ouqi the child lost to her left. Subsequently, the police found the child’s father zhang. Zhang said the mood is very excited, he is Sichuan, renting here to work, the day he was working outside to earn money for the family and the child’s mother was at home full-time with two children. But in the last two months, she did not know how to learn to play mahjong, a chance to miss home to play mahjong, often the child lost to him, and sometimes play for several days do not come back, these days can not find her. He said, Ms. Luo is the home of the file to make trouble, so the child was angry at her home. Police called Zhang’s wife, but no one answered. Police took the child over to Zhang said: you have to find a good talk about the child’s mother, not because of this thing casually throw their children at home." Police warned Ms. Luo, first, the chess room at home can not have gambling behavior, second, see Zhang’s wife quickly let her go home. Zhang police comfort, such as to find the child’s mother, the police will find her talk.相关的主题文章: