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Hidden edge self Hui ang PHIDEON Hui ang district will be listed more than elegant, noble than extraordinary to a proper extent, think more details, perfect technology, more forward-looking vision November 20th, SAIC Volkswagen brand new German luxury car PHIDEON administrative level in Beijing Hui Ang – 751D PARK – the first workshop will be officially set sail, PHIDEON Hui ang show in the full flavor of the first perfect industrial workshop! SAIC Volkswagen sales service center leaders, mainstream media, distributors, partners and friends to witness this glorious moment! Hui ang, with German ancestry given ingenuity and innovation, declared the brand grinding Seiko secret agents, is the flagship model of the inheritance of the past, but to future possibilities! Ballet dancers with combination of strength and beauty to create an elegant atmosphere of the opening show for us, the perfect visual presentation, opened the prelude to the North Hui ang beautiful area listing ceremony! At the same time by SAIC Volkswagen Volkswagen brand sales center in the northern region, Mr. Wei Cheng, general manager of the speech, the big screen open, Hui ang debut in the northern region! Hui ang as the core of the Volkswagen milepost and value model, so that consumers feel the sincere technology excellent luxury C car with advanced technology, at the same time, Volkswagen will take the opportunity of the new realm of Hui ang, towards the field of automobile manufacturing, open a new future! After appreciating the elegance of the dance, close to see the new configuration of the C luxury sedan! Elegant aura interpretation of German luxury PHIDEON Hui ang 5074mm 1893mm length and breadth were 1489mm, wheelbase 3009mm, showing the proportion of gold body layout, elegant luxury gives PHIDEON Hui ang aura, anger from the prestige luxury arise spontaneously. PHIDEON grace grace is also reflected in the appearance of each detail. The front part of the engine, the two feature lines on the cover and highlight the exquisite texture. The LED glow Adaptive Headlights car is equipped with a headlight, each consisting of 34 stars LED, full sense of science and technology, and with horizontal grille into exquisite chrome trim, the front face of the distinguished atmosphere for injection temperament. The tail uses horizontal design elements to create a wide body posture. Surrounded by the entire body of chrome trim and rear row chrome trim into one, for the tail to increase the generous, stable visual effect, while improving the quality. The internal structure and external contour well-proportioned like diamond cutting a double edge surface jackin LED taillights with very strong visual impact, become a rear styling decoration! The distinguished experience from noble experience with ingenuity quality time evolution, is also in constant evolution, from the German noble qualities, let more to enjoy the luxury of extraordinary Hui ang. Solid wood interior has always been a symbol of luxury car quality and identity. PHIDEON Hui ang solid wood trim strict selection, the details of the camp to create the perfect texture. It is worth mentioning that, PHIDEON Hui ang also has inherited from!相关的主题文章: