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Henan pornographic president was expelled from the party won the national model teacher was reported mistress, indecent bed photo circulated on the Internet, Henan Luyi County Chapaev bilingual school branch secretary, President Wang Xingwen has deep vortex of public opinion. The morning of October 13th, the event of new progress: Henan Luyi County Propaganda Department propaganda office director Chen told the "Beijing times" (micro signal: Btimedc), the County Commission for Discipline Inspection has been investigated and decided to give Wang Xingwen expelled from the party. Director Chen also revealed that Chapaev bilingual school board has decided that from the post of President Wang Xingwen. A day earlier, the Luyi County Education Bureau told the "Beijing time", Wang Xingwen has been suspended for investigation. Indecent photos over the weekend, a "Henan County Bureau of Education Leadership Wang Xing stability, you return my youth, but also my hard-earned money" Luyi! "The post circulated, in each big forum post said, Wang Xingwen Piancaipianse, threatened lover" allows the driver to kill you ". The card contains more than and 10 bed photo, which shows a man with a naked woman lying in bed. "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) survey found that Wang Xingwen was born in 1962, bachelor degree, Communist Party members, senior secondary school teachers, 1981 to participate in the education work, prior to any of Luyi County Chapaev bilingual school branch secretary, president. According to the online dissemination of Physical Education Bureau of Luyi County, the school is a private school, Wang Xing Department of education in the Department of the formal education of teachers, appointed to the school as party secretary. "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) found, in September 10, 2014, the Department, the Ministry of Education jointly decided, awarded the 719 "national model teacher" honorary title, Wang Xingwen is one of the awards. President Wang Xingwen in October 2014, China network had an interview with Wang Xingwen, said it is "keen to education, diligent. He regarded the child, to cultivate a group of outstanding students". Beijing original Li Ying Henan strong recommendation: [a] collect the set for Zhengzhou in the memory of old buildings (source network) now the streets of Zhengzhou, high-rise buildings, new buildings such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as one after another appears, people seem to gradually forget the old buildings in the downtown area of those hidden in the. In the changing circumstances of the surrounding environment, they still maintain the distinctive unique. Zhengzhou has a long history of old buildings, through the restoration of old photographs of the old king, to record the traditional good, to arouse the memory of young. Look for the old buildings that are still there, and record what they look like now! For specific information please click the > > "a set" to review the > film; > [truth] dare to leave your "first kiss" age ___ ___. In life we all have an invisible secret, an irreversible regret, an impossible dream and an unforgettable love. Daily topic, invite you to "wave"! "Truth big adventure" column address > >相关的主题文章: