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Henan many unlicensed law enforcement vehicles run the streets scholars: the new network administrative procedure work – unlicensed law enforcement vehicles run the streets, how to convince the public – the reporter Ma Weibo recently, the "Legal Daily" reporter found in Shenqiu County of Henan Province, Shenqiu County Road, a car without a motor vehicle license plate law enforcement vehicles roaring. In the county traffic bureau, the County Urban Management Bureau, the County Urban Construction Bureau, the County Environmental Protection Bureau and other authorities in the yard of the administrative law enforcement vehicles parked, the majority did not listed. There are several police cars parked on the roadside, no license plate hanging. It is understood that the law enforcement vehicle license plate is not on the road, in some places in Henan is not uncommon. In May 6th this year, Shenqiu County in the television broadcast titled "multi joint law enforcement departments demolitions of illegally built" news footage, the scene of law enforcement vehicles, public security construction, urban management and other law enforcement departments, were not suspended license. In July 14th, the reporter visited the city of Zhoukou, Shangshui County, Taikang county and other places, a day that relates to public security, environmental protection, urban construction, transportation, urban management and other departments of law enforcement vehicles not listed a total of 12 vehicles. "How not to see them (law enforcement vehicles) to hang the license plate, we are accustomed to see, accustomed to." Shangshui County resident Mr. Wang said. Unit funding is not enough, there are a few cars did not listed, which is normal, which units have such a situation. The vast majority of cars still have a license plate, but the license expired before the trial." Shenqiu County Environmental Protection Bureau, Mao Shuai, director of the office of the Bureau told reporters. Reporters questioned, since the office funds are not enough, what to buy the vehicle? Since there are funds to purchase the vehicle, then the cost of the license is not in the purchase of funds?. According to China’s vehicle management regulations, vehicles must be listed on the road. Beijing Law Firm lawyer Liu Penghui said in an interview with reporters, the license plate number is not only a public law enforcement process information, but also a sign of the law enforcement procedures, not license plate is illegal. Reporters then came to the Zhoukou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, intended to reflect the situation and visits to consult the disposal of such phenomena. The Zhoukou Commission for Discipline Inspection, the propaganda department about the purpose, is a TV staff reporter repeated inspection certificate, and to the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department to verify the identity of reporters after that, due to the Discipline Inspection Commission propaganda department was founded, she did not know the division of the functions of the various offices, so I do not know where should butt. The reporter asked to the party and government oversight room after the interview, the Department staff Hao Wei (sound) director Liu Xinlai told reporters the cases go to. Several times in the reporter asked, he opened the Liu Xinlai phone. When the reporter made a direct call with Liu Xinlai, the phone was hung up. Liu, director of the case, inconvenient interview. He said the supervision functions have been transferred to Zhoukou in 2014 when the government offices administration." Hao Wei explained to reporters. The reporter then went to the Zhoukou City Administration vehicle management department asked the relevant circumstances. "Our function is only the approval of official vehicles, the use of law enforcement vehicles are not regulated by our department." Chief Li Dongsheng told reporters very relaxed. Reporters went to the Zhoukou Municipal Public Security Bureau to reflect the situation..相关的主题文章: