Henan is the next university girl student provided refused to prepare for the college entrance exami-stand by me shinee

Henan is the next university girl student is preparing for the college entrance examination provided to the central broadcasting network Zhoukou on November 11th news (reporter Zhou Yifan) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that at the beginning of this year, Henan girl Wang Nana was an imposter tocollege continued to lead the social concern. The end of April, 13 responsible persons were dealt with, of which 3 people suspected of illegal clues have been transferred to judicial organs. But Wang Nana mentioned the hope that the Zhoukou vocational and technical school for the resumption of their demands, has not been answered. Recently, Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College officially give Wang Nana reply, said "to restore school". Why did the school make such an answer? Wang Nana’s study road will not continue to go on? Because the chance to apply for a credit card, find yourself a dozen years ago was an imposter school, Henan girl Wang Nana’s life has been disrupted from March this year: "after this thing happened, no more than five hours of sleep I night before twelve a little before I didn’t fall asleep. I haven’t slept for more than five hours, and I think so. Think too much, sometimes imagine before, if it is to learn what, if I go to school now, I can’t come down? My child, family how to do?" At the end of April this year, the fake Wang Nana is Zhang Yingying’s father and cousin, the incumbent Shenqiu county two party branch deputy secretary Hu Xiaolin 3 people suspected of illegal clues transferred to judicial organs. A few turns of the matter, Wang Nana referred to his right to education: the fact that I was admitted, I should have the right to higher education, but was deprived of others. A year later, I need to return this right to me, changed the time and youth, which is no one can, but my right to education you should give me." In April this year, Zhao Zhenran, deputy party secretary of Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College, told reporters in an interview with the voice of China, said the school has the intention to help the Wang Nana, but the need to implement the framework of the existing legal policy. Zhao Zhenran said, only according to the current enrollment policy, enrollment system, laws and regulations, including school, school education is not a pipe, the merit system so strict, for these things alone, unless the competent administrative departments of education have a clear policy, the school still want to help her, know this girl is not easy, but can not break through the existing policy. But Wang Nana told reporters this afternoon that the school had not been active for months. Wang Nana said: "there has been no reply, to the beginning of the September season, I was particularly strong heart to go to school, went to consult a number of universities, if you want to go to school how to get? Tell me that if the school can resume, should also be on. I’ll call the Zhoukou school, they would not answer my call and I thought, the school still exists here, I will give you write a letter of application for school leaders, students should be sent to the office, in September when the number ten sent, and they refuse to form two days later give me you back, but I’m helpless, how do I get, I gave the Education Department of Henan Province under the reflection of my situation, I say to you to write 8相关的主题文章: