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Henan, a number of hospitals in the Department of corruption, director of possession of 8 suites of ten million property – China’s domestic supplies rebate of 30%, imports of supplies rebate of 25%…… Recently, Henan investigate and deal with cases of illegal gains from medical equipment reagents, supplies. Reporter survey found that with the implementation of drug zero spread, as well as the growing concern about drug corruption in the community, some hospitals and doctors to change the way, from the reagents, supplies grab benefits, means more subtle. Such cases of corruption usually lasted for a long time, involving a huge amount of personnel involved. The inspection department director has 8 suites with property 21 million 269 thousand and 100 yuan, including Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Nanyang, 8 sets of real estate; home and office for cash 9 million 519 thousand and 100 yuan; 1 million 820 thousand yuan bank deposits; and gold and silver jewelry shopping card worth 200 thousand yuan; 650 thousand yuan of debts; a Nissan car…… In August, Henan Nanyang city Tanghe County People’s court for taking bribes and sentenced to the crime of huge unidentified property, the property owner and director of the division of Nanyang Central Hospital in Henan Province — Fan Zexu was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment and fined 2 million yuan. Fan Zexu, deputy director of the same section of the office of corruption 1 million 820 thousand yuan, was sentenced to imprisonment for 6 years and 6 months in prison. From October 2001 to May 2015 incident, Fan Zexu, Shi Baohua and others from reagents, supplies for corruption, which lasted 14 years. Some Department of orthopedics almost coincidentally The whole army was wiped out. During the period of Ma Moumou served as director of the first people’s Hospital of Xinyang City orthopedic department, in accordance with domestic supplies 30%, 25% imported materials, supplies, 20% joint spinal trauma supplies in the proportion of 30%, multiple account illegally accepting supplier kickbacks, amounting to 577 thousand and 248 yuan, the crime time lasted 5 years. Such cases show Woan, Chuanan major, etc.. Tanghe County, Nanyang City prosecutors in investigating the Fan Zexu case, it get clues 43, 25 clues, 25 people transferred to other courts. 18 cases in the hospital were investigating the nest Chuanan, involving 18 people, of which 3 million yuan more than 3 cases. The chief of the Department of blood transfusion Tanghe County People’s Hospital Zheng Xiaoling, director of Department of Laboratory of Nanyang Second People’s Hospital deputy director Wei Wankun, Wan Chengbin Department of nuclear medicine, blood transfusion department chief Wang Yasong et al have been sacked. Xinyang, a pharmaceutical industry, told reporters, in addition to the first people’s Hospital of Xinyang, as well as the Fourth People’s Hospital of Xinyang, Xinxian County people’s hospital. As the unit is bribery, doctors are involved in each department, some hospitals of Xinyang City Department of orthopedics almost finally had to let these The whole army was wiped out., doctors write undertaking posts." Binding equipment supplies into unspoken rule Zhengzhou Kangli medical biological Limited company manager Liu Quanhai said, he with the help of Fan Zexu and the Nanyang Central Hospital signed an agreement: Conley company free to automatic blood coagulation analyzer in Nanyang Central Hospital of Japan to provide a period of 5 years, the hospital in the period of purchase of the equipment and consumables. In the meantime, Liu Quanhai sent to the amount of money every year, ranging from thanks to a total of $2 million 10 thousand. The health department of Henan province jiufengban agency相关的主题文章: