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Hebi chased the car without a license to lead the public to question is to report unlicensed urban law enforcement vehicles popular – reporter Gu Wumin correspondent Ann Lijun Ventura Hebi newspaper "mountain district urban management Hebi city car license plate is not installed on the road of law enforcement……" Recently, Dahe reporter received a report from the masses reflect, they often see law enforcement vehicle license plate is not installed in the streets, the streets, caused by law enforcement questioned. In this regard, yesterday, Dahe reporter learned from relevant departments, this is a temporary opening of the original abandoned vehicles will rectification in place as soon as possible. Urban management law enforcement vehicles really capricious, uneasy license plate on the road enforcement." Hebi City mountain city people reflect the District Urban Management Bureau law enforcement officers in the area of law enforcement when their body is not correct, a wrong law enforcement but also others, such a thing is too capricious? For the verification of the authenticity, Dahe reporter drove to the friends broke the news of Hebi City District, Chaoyang Street in the West saw a total of five teams of law enforcement, law enforcement vehicles parked on the roadside. There are two pickup trucks, two vans and small trucks, cars are labeled with law enforcement marks words, two pickup truck has a license, but the car did not spray tail amplification of the license, it is not easy to see from the back of the vehicle license plate, and a small truck, and without a license, a roof a row in front of the car horn, only with a "law enforcement" sign. In this case, the reporter contacted the mountain city of Hebi district urban management bureau. A responsible person said, the workload is too large, the existing vehicle violation law enforcement does not put items, social vehicles cost the original use of temporary rent to the rent is too high, every day is three hundred or four hundred yuan, has not only enabled abandoned car. "Just follow the law enforcement team loaded with illegal stall items, often do not use." The person in charge said.相关的主题文章: