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"Hawick Lau Wang Ou" parents weekend fixing parents remember "rookie advanced parents" Hawick Lau Wang Ou in the first weekend of trailer exposure Tencent entertainment news the day before, by the Huace Hatton’s opera culture, Jiaxing core media, Shenzhen TV CO produced, producer Teng Wenji, director Wang Wei, screenwriter Fei Huijun, Li Xiaoliang, starring Hawick Lau, Wang Ou, Zhang Meng Zhu Yongteng, Zhao Chuguan, Yang Yang, and other common interpretation of the "new parent-child relationship" topic "parents" in the weekend drama filming lasted more than 3 months, finally ushered in Shanghai was shot. Today, we celebrate the successful drama shot and then exposed new stills. The president handed Hawick Lau fashion makeup girl daddy Wang Ou interpretation of the release of the soft stills, the national good husband Hawick Lau as the chief editor of Yu Zhiyuan with a smile, a comfortable leisure suit, fashion image daddy let people are very popular. The first challenge Wang Ou urban comedy as cute adorable mother Zhao Jiani, vintage denim shirt collocation Light Peach eye makeup, shallow smile, instantly turned soft girl. Couples in the same frame stills is high-energy dog abuse, I saw Wang Ou right hand resting on Hawick Lau’s shoulder, two Meiyumuxiao, extremely sweet. Eat melon people have said: word days! Cubujifang fed a mouthful of food." The play, Hawick Lau and Wang Ou co starred in the first 80 parents, to face the difficulties of raising children parenting and self two times in the process of growing up, I do not know what will happen to a rookie advanced parents remember? Recently, shine in the hit TV drama "city of fantasy" in Zhang Meng’s fashion hot mom Zhao Zhudi, deep red lips V collocation with a well-designed single earrings, a devil wears prada temperament. Although Zhao Jiani is a good bestie, but their personalities are different, a gentle like water, a fire. According to field staff, not only the play, private partnership is also very good. Zhang Meng also joked that he is "gull adorable combination" with Wang Ou, many netizens responded: "this is really adorable Ou Yan value to burst table." Zhu Yongteng’s husband Zhao Zhudi veteran metrosexual man Shao Jie, who by virtue of their ability to start empty-handed, become renowned financial upstart. In addition, known as the screen of your son, said Zhao Chuguan, played by the boss of Xiao Kai, a decent suit, show the elite returnees. Singer crossover from the screen as the artist’s agent Yang Yang Hong millet, bright and lively character of her head wearing a single hand holding a gun, eyes revealed a firm, cool strength. "Weekend" parents not broadcast before the fire "series of urban theme topic 5+2" family pattern of raising children watch pain points as a reaction to the present life, "the weekend parents" made the first "5+2" family pattern concept, refers to the four old a child and a young couple family pattern, and refers to the children on Monday to Friday with grandparents living together, only two days over the weekend with my parents to accompany life mode. It is this social phenomenon, so that the weekend parents came into being. In the play, Zhiyuan and Zhao Jiani is a standard "weekend parents", if not because of an accident, they may not realise it drifted away from his son grow up, let the couple feel shame and guilt. In order to be able to participate in the growth of the child, the couple two.相关的主题文章: