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"Harry Potter GO" AR game might come high voice fans remember before "Poké mon Go"; popular, Harry Potter fans started a petition on the Internet are eager to have a mobile phone in the play "Harry Potter Go" that thing? They are the target of the Warner Bros. film company and Niantic Labs, hope that the two can be for Harry Porter fans to make a similar AR (Poké Go Mon) game. Now it has the latest progress: a letter entitled "Harry Potter Go of Summoning: we want to Harry Potter’s version of" Poké mon Go ";" the petition in the Care 2 Petitions website has been issued by a warm response, the AR version of "Harry Potter Go" voice more and more is also high. At present, the petition received a total of 54889 supporters of the signature, the target number of people to reach the number of signatures, and the number is likely to continue to grow the number of 55000. The purpose of this petition is to get the attention of Niantic Labs, allowing them to develop a Harry themed AR game. The fans want to be able to search for wild animals and magical creatures in the game, just like the wizard of "where is the magic animal", players can even collect seven horcrux. Warner Brothers and Niantic Labs is expected to develop Harry Potter Go in the near future, because Harry Porter has a huge group of fans can not be ignored. This wizard treasure can dream and Harry Potter two brands which side is more powerful, we are not good Guan and Qin Qiong. The number of fans of the benefits is that there are relatively large possibility of genius. At the same time launched a petition, fans produced Harry Potter Go video recently spread in the upper YouTube. You can see this video shows the "Harry Potter Go" may have some of the features, including the search for magic spell, captured the beast, as well as around the search for the collection of wizard cards. Like the movie series, game player can also choose what they want to enter the school of magic, to find the death eaters and fighting. Although the production of fans, a little shabby, but the player needs such a clear game, the cost of planning to make up will be reduced a lot, you can stay in the energy to add players did not think of fun gameplay. Are you looking forward to the AR game "Harry Potter Go"? What is your most anticipated game? Please pay attention to "Harry Potter Go" follow up message. (vrgames)相关的主题文章: