Hangzhou’s light show and fountain dance will be performed every day during the National Day-66814

During the national day, Hangzhou’s light show and fountain dance will be on the day of the National Day holiday. May as well take advantage of the holiday to see the beautiful night view of Hangzhou. During the eleven period, the lighting time of the Hangzhou landscape lamp was the same as that before the Mid Autumn Festival. The light of the regular night light is turned on at 18:00 and at 22:00. As the West Lake River and lake Isles "light painting landscape", along the canal from Wulinmen dock to the North Star bridge the colorful lights, and Nanshan Road picturesque beautiful "fireworks" are considered, these conventional night lights. In addition, various kinds of lighting show, fountain dance, 7 days of ~10 month in October 1st, are arranged every day. Qianjiang New Town light show (including music fountain): 18:30 and 19:30 each. West Lake music fountain: each at 19:00 and 20:00. Wulin lighting show: 20:00, music fountain, 19:30 and each. The light show on the north and south banks of the Qian Tang River: the light show on both sides of the Taiwan Straits will start at the same time, and the time is 18:30~21:30 per day. The Canal Square music fountain: day three field spraying tentatively: 9:00~9:20; 14:00~14:20; 18:00~18:20. The management department said that the national day may be increased according to the actual situation, specifically on the spot on the day. Hangzhou City Lighting Monitoring Center said, after the National Day holiday, more light will be normalized light, the specific time and arrangements will be announced separately, please Caution! In guanding, civilization shangding.

国庆期间杭州的灯光秀与喷泉舞 将每天上演国庆长假将至,不妨趁着假期去看看杭州的美丽夜景。十一期间,杭州景观灯的亮灯时间和之前中秋节一样。常规夜景灯光的亮灯时间是18:00开启,22:00关闭。像西湖沿岸和湖中三岛的“光绘山水”,运河沿岸从武林门码头到北星桥流光溢彩的灯光,以及南山路上如画般唯美的“火树银花”,这些都算常规夜景灯光。另外,各类灯光秀、喷泉舞,10月1日~10月7日期间,每天都安排了不同的场次。●钱江新城灯光秀(含音乐喷泉):18:30、19:30各一场。●西湖音乐喷泉:19:00、20:00各一场。●武林灯光秀:20:00一场;音乐喷泉,19:30、20:30各一场。●钱塘江北岸、南岸灯光秀:届时,两岸的灯光秀将同步启动,每天的播放时间为18:30~21:30。●运河广场音乐喷泉:目前暂定一天喷放三场:9:00~9:20;14:00~14:20;18:00~18:20。管理部门说,国庆期间可能会根据实际情况,增加场次,具体以当天现场为准。杭州市亮灯监管中心说,国庆假日以后,以上灯光将会常态化亮灯,具体时间和安排届时将另行公布,请大家在观灯时注意安全,文明赏灯。相关的主题文章: