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Hangzhou Maid Cafe Department of marketing lasted only one day on the end (Figure) – Hangzhou Maid Cafe pictures in the network communication. Zhejiang online reporter Zhang Di photo Zhejiang online Hangzhou September 27th news (Zhejiang online reporter Huang Zhaoyi editor Chen Jian) recently, a group of "maid" according to the work in the online heat transfer, is seen in the background of Hangzhou Xiasha a cafe, one of the waitresses in Japanese clothing, not only the order for the guest room, and even provide feeding service. The photos on the Internet, netizens said, don’t Indoorsman their "two dimensional dream" really become a reality? September 27th, Zhejiang online reporter visited the cafe, found that the so-called maid cafe is just a marketing campaign, and lasted only one day. Experts advise that commercial promotion must grasp the scale, to avoid vulgar hype challenge the mainstream social value. The cafe catering service games only so-called "maid" marketing is lunch time, Zhejiang online reporter walked into the cafe, want to experience the legend of the "Japanese service". The door was found, not many guests in the shop, and the network transmission of the image of popular sentiment is very different, the service staff are also wearing normal clothing, did not see the maid loaded". The cafe boss told reporters that the shop was originally a set of dining, games mainly ordinary cafes, and there is no maid theme: "photos circulated on the Internet is actually taken in September 25th, when we shop next door and Animation Museum Experience of cooperation, to do a cartoon themed promotional activities. The Internet is misinformation, we are not the maid cafe." The activities of the poster is also placed on both sides of the shop door, indeed marked the event only in September 25th one day, and proposed to prohibit touch, harassment, trailing the maid ‘and other matters needing attention. In the cafe next door, the reporter found the person in charge of the animation experience Museum, mr.. Mr Yu said: "because of the interest in animation culture, I and two friends at the end of July this year opened this animation museum experience, mainly to the university city community to collect idle animation clothing, and trading and leasing. At the same time, also involved in animation training, makeup and other services." I admit that, because the street just started, the popularity is not very busy, would like to hold a cartoon theme activities to attract customers: but we just want to like a cartoon friends to hold a fun event. Did not expect to continue to ferment on the network, and even misreading." I declare that the cafe is not the theme of the maid, the future may also be held some anime theme activities, but will not be normalized. The shop is not dressed as a maid in the service of College students. Zhejiang online reporter Zhang Di photo netizens evaluation mixed expert reminds: Marketing desirable but to grasp the scale of "maid cafe" picture of heat transfer, causing users of discussion, mixed reviews. Supporters believe that the maid cafe is a different cultural experience, service staff enthusiasm, accompanied by coffee, play games, is a good choice for leisure. Opponents said, such as food and feed vulgar suspicion, for the Maid Dress photo相关的主题文章: