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Hand in hand to the countryside more beautiful – public – people.com.cn into Yanqing Tang Jiabao village, wedding paper-cut painting, on the wall of the true to life the unique characteristics of folk farming map, 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition "meaning Repan flowers"…… Tang Jia Bao Cun Yanqing these couples paintings are from the hands of teachers and students of Academy of Fine Arts Capital Normal University. The day before, "the beautiful village of wind" activities started in Beijing Yanqing district "seasonal flowers", which marked a new stage in Yanqing district and the Tsinghua University and other universities in Beijing jointly initiated and carried out art practice education activities into the overall advancement of the. The development of the activities can not only beautify the village, improve the cultural taste, but also set up a platform for the teachers and students to understand the national conditions and serve the society. At the beginning of this year, Yanqing district and part of the Capital University decided as co sponsors, on the basis of full investigation and timely jointly launched the "beautiful village with people in the village beautification activities, at the same time, but also to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, art teachers and students to carry out social practice to build a new platform. In June this year, the work of the pilot village was completed by Academy of Fine Arts in the Tang Jiabao village, Yanqing Town, Yanqing District, Yanqing. Yanqing district Party committee, propaganda minister Qi Jinli said that the students into the rural power "beautiful country" development, will help to excavate the cultural characteristics, into the new connotation of the times, full of new vitality, give full play to lead the fashion culture and educating the people and promote development, promote harmony, to jointly build a beautiful environment, with the United States the mind, sharing the beauty of life, let the beautiful countryside more attractive. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 08 August 06 Edition) (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi) 手拉手 让乡村更美丽–公益–人民网   走进延庆唐家堡村,墙上栩栩如生的迎亲剪纸画、独具民俗特色的农耕图、寓意热盼2019北京世园会的“蝶恋花”……延庆唐家堡村这些妙笔生花的画作,都出自首都师范大学美术学院师生之手。  日前,“秀美乡村 成风化人”活动在北京延庆区“四季花海”启动,这标志着延庆区与清华大学等首都高校共同发起和开展的艺术实践育人活动进入了整体推进的新阶段。活动的开展不仅可以美化村庄、提升文化品位,同时也将为师生搭建深入了解国情、服务社会的平台。  今年初,延庆区和部分首都高校决定作为共同发起人,在充分调研的基础上适时联合启动“秀美乡村 成风化人”活动,在美化乡村的同时,也为培育和践行社会主义核心价值观、服务艺术专业师生深入开展社会实践搭建新的平台。今年6月,试点村工作由首都师范大学美术学院在延庆区延庆镇唐家堡村完成。  延庆区委常委、宣传部长祁金立表示,大学生走进农村助力“美丽乡村”发展,有助于挖掘特色文化,融入新的时代内涵,焕发出新的生命力,充分发挥文化对引领风尚、教育人民、推动发展、促进和谐的作用,共同建设美的环境,拥有美的心灵,共享美的生活,让“美丽乡村”更具魅力。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月08日 06 版) (责编:李楠桦、蒋琪)相关的主题文章: