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The rain Han incident investigation is the final outcome — technology — people.com.cn original title: Korean spring incident investigation is the final outcome of science and technology in September 6, Shanghai daily (reporter Wang Yi) September 5th, Han Chunyu told Chengdu daily interview that "natural" magazine has confirmed that the experiment can be repeated. On September 6th, Springer · natural group Greater China President Liu Jun told Technology Daily reporter: "for the investigation of Han Chunyu’s paper, we still remain before the official response, yet new results announced." In early August 2nd, the papers published in the British "nature" magazine sub journal "nature · Biotechnology" said to the media published an official statement, "natural · biological technology" will be established in accordance with the procedures to investigate the matter. Springer · natural group chairman Stephen von · · Holtzbrinck told Technology Daily reporter: "as a publication of research papers, we also found that the reproducibility of the problems at work. It is not a new problem, but with the increase of new scientific research, the problem of the repeatability of the experiment has been exposed. In the future, we will ask the contributors to add more details to the submission, and next year we will ask the contributors to present their data to the editor." Stephen introduced to encourage researchers to participate in the repeatability of the experiment is one of their next goal. The group will consider introducing new forms to help researchers who do repeatable experiments and help people build confidence in new research. "Scientific research institutions are more concerned about the results of a new breakthrough and ignore the repetitive experiments, and now they are starting to pay attention to the problem," he said." Stephen said. In order to carry out the experiment, we should do well the experiment data management. In this regard, Stephen referred to the FigShare, a new way to share open research data. It is a natural group of sister company Digital (digital Science), which allows the experimenter to manage experimental data and quickly share. Stephen said that the future will encourage researchers to use this kind of data management software to help other researchers to carry out repeatable experiments. For Han Chun paper event, the natural group office, including sub journal Nature · biotechnology has not given the latest statement. And Han Chunyu in an interview, referred to as Cyranoski (David) is a member of the "nature" news review team. "Nature" news review team is independent of the nature of the publisher’s editorial team. Dai Wei reported in August 8th that the Han Chun paper event, but this report does not represent the natural · biotechnology research findings. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: