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A Haikou gas station without the EIA procedures construction was ordered to shut down Haikou City Xiuying District is building a private gas station was unable to provide the relevant EIA procedures have been stopped. South China Sea network reporter Jiang Fei photo refueling station to obtain temporary permits for construction planning. Nanhai network reporter Jiang Fei photo Ecological Environmental Protection Bureau of Haikou City Xiuying District to the project construction unit issued a deadline for correction notice. South China Sea network reporter Jiang Fei photo of the construction site in the construction of refueling stations. Nanhai network reporter Jiang fly photo Nanhai network Haikou on November 8th news client, South China Sea (South China Sea network reporter Jiang Fei) November 8th, Haikou City Qiu Hai Road extension line of a "dragon refueling station", allegedly without obtaining the approval of the EIA procedures illegal construction was halted. Refueling station did not pass the EIA approval is built in accordance with the relevant provisions of the construction project environmental protection facilities and the main project should be designed, constructed and put into use, without obtaining the approval of the EIA procedures shall not be under construction. Recently, Haikou City Qiu Hai Road extension line of a "dragon refueling station" project under construction, informed sources report that the project did not obtain the EIA procedures under the circumstances, has started construction. Project land has not changed, not through the EIA approval to start construction." Informants say. The morning of November 8th, environmental protection bureau of Haikou City Xiuying District law enforcement officers rushed to the scene after receiving the report, the gas station project site responsible for the inquiry, issued a "Notice of environmental violations within a time limit" required to immediately stop the construction, to improve the relevant environmental assessment procedures before starting construction. Nanhai network reporter learned that the "dragon refueling station" project as a level two gas station, covers an area of about 5000 square meters, in the business department of industry planning approval, on May 2016 in Haikou City Xiuying District Housing and urban construction bureau "temporary construction project planning permits, construction started in October, the current two the building has been completed infrastructure projects, is building a ground facility. 8 am, the South China Sea network reporter at the construction site did not see any relevant publicity on the construction of the gas station. Subsequently, the reporter with the law enforcement officers in the gas station construction site, when law enforcement officers were asked to have access to the EIA procedures, a responsible person surnamed Zhang said, has submitted the relevant materials for the EIA to the relevant departments, has not yet done. The environmental protection department shall be ordered to immediately stop the construction project to assist in the investigation according to China’s "city planning law" the relevant provisions of temporary construction in the city planning area must be demolished within the approved period of use, the characteristics of temporary construction period shall not exceed two years, the number is not more than 2 layers, material using cast-in-place reinforced concrete permanent the structure of the form. However, reporters at the scene noted that the "dragon refueling station" project is the construction of the building adopts the cast-in-place reinforced concrete permanent structure. Site construction responsible person responded that they are in accordance with the design plan submitted at the time of the construction. If you have any questions, you can learn from the government. .相关的主题文章: