Guterres was nominated for no opposition he is a mature

Guterres was nominated for no opposition: he was a mature politician, Antonio, ·, and Mr. Xinhua News Agency issued a Security Council presidency this month, the Russian ambassador Vitale · Churkin to the media informed of the results. United Nations Security Council 5, the Secretary General on the selection of the next round of intention to vote held by the Secretary General of the State Council on the sixth. The United States and Russia "hurting each other" of the story is not performed as scheduled. The previous round of vote was almost "leader" Antonio · Guterres won enough votes, and "Wuchang" no objection, one-time clearance. 6, 2009, the United Nations Security Council, the 15 member states unanimously agreed to nominate former Prime Minister of Portugal, the former United Nations High Commissioner for refugees Antonio ·, former Secretary General of the United Nations, Guterres. No accident, Guterres will become the successor of Ban Ki-moon, term from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2021. – 15 ambassador Qi Liangxiang announced the media to witness the historic moment in the eastern United States time 5 days about 11:30 in the morning, shortly after the end of the vote, 15 members of the Security Council Ambassador rarely appeared together in the meeting hall of the media interview area. Early waiting at the scene, the reporter felt: this time the play! In the remaining 14 countries embassy accompanied by Security Council presidency this month, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitale · Churkin on various media reporter announced: "today, the sixth round of voting intention, we have a clear lucky, his name is Antonio · Guterres." In the first round of the intention to vote, the Council has no public voting results. Although a lot of people first thought of the possibility of direct clearance Guterres, but this time unexpectedly announced the results, still in the crowd caused a burst of awe. Churkin said: "I think we are witnessing a historic moment. I’m not sure if there had been such a scene in the history of the United nations." At 6 am local time, the Security Council held a formal vote in order to adopt the form of a resolution adopted by the general assembly of the United Nations General Assembly recommended by Guterres since January 1st next year as secretary general. Churkin said, we wish Mr. Guterres in the next 5 years to fulfill the duties of the Secretary General of the United nations." Vote – color "veto" Guterres had voted against and the first 5 rounds of voting intention is different, this round of voting for the first time using different colors to distinguish votes, permanent and non permanent members, the 5 permanent members of the votes for the red, clear to have veto power "Wuchang" of the candidates attitude. In the intention to vote, each candidate’s name has three options: "encouragement", "no encouragement" and "no opinion". According to diplomatic sources, Guterres get 13 tickets to encourage, two votes no opinion, there is no encouragement votes, ranked first. Slovakia’s foreign minister Miroslav, second, was named only by ·, with only $7 in.相关的主题文章: